The Walking Dead Season 8: A character believed dead soon back?

Cinema 8 June, 2017

Many have been the characters of The Walking Dead to come and go in the series: It is possible that one of them will make his return in season 8 … We explain you why!
The actors of The Walking Dead took the road again last month to prepare a season 8 of madness ! Fans can not wait any longer and speculation and theories about what could follow are going well. It is the news of the day: One of the characters of The Walking Dead who had disappeared in the greatest mystery during the season 7 could well appear again ! The actor had disappeared from ciruclation, too busy to play the role of one of the main characters of the new show of the FOX, 24: Legacy. But the news fell this morning, it was canceled, leaving the actor unemployed … So, will he make his big comeback in season 8 of The Walking Dead ?
Heath (played by Corey Hawkins) has never been a main character in The Walking Dead but he has been a great help to Alexandria and Rick’s little group . His sudden absence in the series has never been explained. Remember, Heath and Tara found themselves trapped on a bridge by sandblasted zombies. Tara, after struggling with the dead finally fell from the bridge, leaving Heath left to himself. We all deduced that the character was dead but the cancellation of the series 24: Legacy questions everything ! Fans tried to find out what had happened to him: Would he have been kidnapped by the Saviors? Would he have joined another community? For when Tara came back to look for her on the bridge, Found that his glasses crushed and a card with written “PPP” on it … Suspense! So while waiting for the rest, we reveal you new details on the trailer of season 8 of The Walking Dead on AMC ! What do you think of a possible return from Heath?