The Walking Dead Season 8: An emblematic character from the beginnings back?

Cinema 11 April, 2017

A familiar head of the first episodes of The Walking Dead could return in season 8 of the show …
Season 8 of The Walking Dead is going to give us a lot of surprises ! Between the great battle Negan / Rick, a possible flashforward or the arrival of the big bad guys, the Whisperers, this time it will be hard to criticize the series for its slowness … and it is so much Better! For a few weeks, a rumor has grown on the Internet and by force, it is said that it could become reality. From many fans have long awaited the return of an iconic character of the first episodes of the show and it seems that Juan G. Pareja , his interpreter, is ready to re-enlist! Who is it ? Of course, Morales ! Hey? You do not know who it is? You are refreshed your memory, no worry.
Remember, in the first season of The Walking Dead , Rick joined a small group of survivors consisting of Shane, Lori, Carol or Morales and his family. After a walkers attack, they decide not to follow the group until the CDC and to leave towards Birmingham to find their relatives. Since then, more news and of course we were all convinced that Morales, his wife and their children had not survived … But in the end, the writers could choose to have them recreate the path of our heroes . If the idea appeals to you, do not hesitate to join the #MoralesLives movement on twitter, it could give ideas to Gimple and Cie for season 8 of The Walking Dead !