The Walking Dead Season 8: Andrew Lincoln (Rick) promises a Season Premiere “more exciting than ever”!

Cinema 13 April, 2017

We are announced of heavy for season 8 of The Walking Dead! Andrew Lincoln teases the Season Premiere as it should be and it’s here …
Well, we’re not going to lie, after a particularly weak season, we can not wait for The Walking Dead to recover from the hair of the beast! And frankly, with the intrigues to come, we think that the series has all the cards in hand to succeed in captivating its audience again. The war is declared between Rick and Negan and we are eager to witness this great general fight! Scott Gimple, the showrunner of the series, promised us, this season 8 will start on the hats and the first four episodes will leave us totally speechless. Mister Gimple and Co. apparently plan to “break our TV” . Just that !
Andrew Lincoln goes up to the niche also to teaser us a Season Premiere of sick and promises us squarely the episode “the most exciting of the whole series” . It must be said that this first episode will also be the hundredth of the show , so inevitably, they have an interest in doing things big! Rick’s interpreter adds a layer: “It’s not a hyperbole, it’s not to make kind of and to raise the pressure around this 100th episode.I’m sincerely more excited about this Season Premiere And the fifteen episodes that follow, that I have never been in my life! ” . Oh yeah, right! Beware of guys, we promise ourselves a totally crazy thing, we risk being a little disappointed.