The Walking Dead Season 8: Carol she will present in the future?

Cinema 29 November, 2016

While 7 of The Walking Dead season in full swing, questions about the presence of some characters in the sequel are already asking.

the-walking-dead-saison-8-saison-7-carolThe Walking Dead season 7 continues and after we asked what would happen in episode 7 entitled “Sing Me A Song” is now interested in following the series and specifically in season 8. as some already know, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) have already renewed their contracts for season 8 with a salary increase. This raises the question of the presence of other actors in the suite, including after all the rumors about the possible departure of Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes). Today is Melissa McBride, aka Carol Peletier, we’ll talk. Beware of spoilers from the US comics in the suite since it is partly on these we will base ourselves to speculate on the future of Carol. In the comics by Robert Kirkman, the character of Carol is dead for some time since, not finding the strength to survive and humiliated after the proposal of a relationship with Rick and Lori, it commits suicide by letting a bite zombie before being completed by Andrea.
Suffice to say that his fate in the comics is drastically different from what we could see of it in the series and it now makes the totally unpredictable. Several arguments bend to the survival of Carol but others suggest that the survivor could have completed his loop and soon disappear. In fact we see that Carol starts to feel really bad about what she had to do to survive and his state of mind may slowly join that of his character from the graphic so that it also ends up committing suicide . Besides his plots are repetitive for some time, not leak between his past and camouflage identical to each new encounter. Yet its presence in the Kingdom and his meeting with Ezekiel could guarantee its survival. In the comics, it’s Michonne Ezekiel approaches and some fans assume it’s Carol who will take his place in the season 7 of The Walking Dead .
A plot alongside Ezekiel and reconstruction of so Carol could mean it will always be in season 8 despite – beware spoilers again – what awaits Ezekiel . Again, it is no time for that speculation until we have news of the series cast of contracts. In a world where the possible death of the characters remains a major element of suspense and where fans are on the lookout for any information to know what will happen, we doubt that this kind of news will be unveiled with some precautions by MAC and the people involved. Nevertheless among melty we hope Carol will make it part of the season 8 of The Walking Dead, and by then, its plot has regained a little spice that goes so well to it. While waiting to learn more about the upcoming season, we also wondered if Tara was going to reveal his secret to others in season 7 of The Walking Dead ! And you, would you like Carol is in season 8?