The Walking Dead Season 8: Does the series need a reboot?

Cinema 8 December, 2016

A few days before the release of final mid-season of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, one wonders if a reboot in the next season would not be beneficial to the series … Beware, spoilers.

There are only three days to wait before finding Rick and company, while Tom Payne yesterday answered the question of where was Jesus in season 7 of The Walking Dead is that next season is interested today. As many fans have noted, the series tends to turn around in circles in recent times and the hearing is affected. This obviously does not prevent us to appreciate, especially after a 7 plus that successful episode . But adaptation from one medium to another is always complicated and it could be that The Walking Dead needs a little revival to continue to capture our attention. The main reason why one would want to see a reboot is simple: the series begins to be too repetitive to continue like this for years. Beware of spoilers from the US comics in the future!
As already mentioned, the same intrigues often return. Rick, Michonne, Carol and their group are in danger, find refuge, the danger comes back and they lose some of their members, and are fleeing again a refuge etc. If this remains fundamentally legitimate puiqu’il is a series of survival, some resources could help to not give the impression of seeing the same from one season to another . The first solution would be to follow the comics to the letter with a jump in time two years after the battle against Negan. This would learn to know the characters, to advance the story and give an air of novelty to a series that we know well. Furthermore it would also be an opportunity to establish a new narrative system that would plunge us regularly in the past two years to find out how we got there.
Finally The Walking Dead could greatly benefit from a real cast of renewal. Certainly the frequent deaths and new communities of season 7 showed us many new characters, but the core remains the same and it’s always centered on them what the series. In addition to discovering new talent, this could also create surprise and arouse the curiosity of viewers . By keeping only two or three old characters and renewing the group without necessarily kill those who leave, they are offered the opportunity to reappear in the series after living their own adventure. Obviously this possibility inevitably make us nostalgic since we are particularly attached to certain characters, but there is no doubt that the writers are talented enough for us to present others as endearing. Here are some proposals that could wake up all our love for the series although this does not prevent us to appreciate it as it is. Meanwhile Sunday, we had already asked what would happen in episode 8 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead! And you what do you think ?