The Walking Dead Season 8: Is one of the actors just spoiler the Season Premiere?

Cinema 10 May, 2017

Oh, the dump! A fresh spoiler arrives from the shooting of season 8 of The Walking Dead.
You know, the shooting of season 8 of The Walking Dead is in full swing in the vicinity of Atlanta! To avoid to the max the small curious ones and the spoilers, the AMC show team is at the cleat. But when the escape comes from one of theirs, it becomes complicated … To counter gaffes, the series asks its actors to share nothing on social networks that could give any clues about the plot to come. Well apparently, Daniel Newman did not receive the instruction ! The actor who lends his features to one of Ezekiel’s soldiers is apparently much too happy at the thought of turning alongside Mr. Andrew Lincoln. So, it has not resisted the desire to share it with its subscribers …
We know one who must have been hit on the fingers! And if he has since deleted the photo, the damage is done. Because in this cliché to the first innocent surroundings hides a rather enormous spoiler on Season Premiere of season 8 of The Walking Dead . Yeah, as you can see, our good old Rick is tapping the pose in what strongly resembles the Negan Shrine. Will Alexandria, the Kingdom and the Hilltop attack the Saviors in the first episode of the new season? It looks like it! Remember that this Season Premiere is also the 100th episode of the show and that therefore inevitably, it risks doing very very badly … In any case, thank you Daniel!