The Walking Dead Season 8: Negan, Morgan, Shiva … who will die in the next episodes?

Cinema 20 April, 2017

Months before the release of season 8 of The Walking Dead on AMC, the first prognostics on the dead to come begin and they could surprise you …
It’s been almost two years since the zombie apocalypse began – or at least that’s what came out of the information you were given about the time since the beginning of The Walking Dead – and the survivors are not Not at the end of their troubles. While waiting for the return of the series in the fall, we propose you to start speculating on the characters that will not survive the season 8, and some might surprise you. Let’s start with a character that has been suspended for quite some time now: Morgan Jones, played by Lennie James . Morgan’s plot seems to be going round in circles for some time now, between being a hero who saves Rick, then losing the ball, then again become a hero and save Carol, and again crack.
The second character to be feared is Shiva. Ezekiel’s tigress was much anticipated in the series and she played a crucial role in the season finale season 7 of The Walking Dead . Watch out for the spoilers on the comics published in the US in the sequel. Readers know that Shiva does not survive long after the start of the war against Negan and his death marks a turning point in the battle . There is little reason to think that the scriptwriters will offer him a different destiny in the series, all the more so that to make it appear on the screen, much work is necessary on the side of the special effects and his death would make the Things easier. Finally the third character who could well die in season 8 is none other than Negan, Brilliantly played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Although he does not die in the comics – not until the last issue appeared anyway – nothing says that his fate will not be different in the series.
In comics, Negan loses the war against Rick and thus finds himself as his prisoner. While Rick makes a great speech about rebuilding civilization and the peace necessary for the survival of all and Negan signs his approval, Rick slits his throat … without killing him. Since Negan survives, Rick decides to keep him in prison and that’s exactly what he could do in the series. But it may be that the screenwriters decide to shake things off to surprise the viewers and really kill Negan rather than make it appear in a few episodes here and there when Rick feels in a mood to chat with his prisoner . Although Negan brings much to the series, We admit to you that to see him die would at least create a surprise and a little away from the comics which sometimes seem to restrict much the intrigues and the rhythm of the series. This is certainly our first prognostications on the continuation and while waiting to know really who will die in the next episodes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan precisely unveiled the date of filming of season 8 of The Walking Dead. And you, what are your forecasts?