The Walking Dead Season 8: Rick will attack Negan’s headquarters

Cinema 1 June, 2017

Here we are in the heart of the shooting of season 8 of The Walking Dead and we have great news to announce!
Rick’s team went on shooting at the beginning of May to the delight of his fans! The first episode of season 8 will celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Walking Dead and we are expecting many surprises to celebrate this series of madness! The actors were delighted to meet for this eighth season which looks HUGE. They told us that this one would be intense, you are reassured! It’s true that Season 7 left a bitter taste as it was dark and flat: to see Rick give up, it was too hard for our little hearts. But today we know that the war between the Negan clan and the Rick clan will break out ! The band The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook gives us the proof in image …
After playing the weak all season 7, Rick finally regained his initial anger and declared war on Negan in the final season ! We now know that his words were not to be taken with a laugh: a huge war is preparing , and this as soon as the return of season 8 of The Walking Dead as indicated by The Spoiling Dead Fans “The Sanctuary seems a But we did not know that it was going to happen soon, it would be an explosive first, by far the most exciting of all the show ” It looks like the 100th episode of The Walking Dead will feature the most anticipated fight in the series: Negan VS Rick! Needless to say, there will be many casualties … One wonders if Negan knows what he is waiting for in the next episodes of The Walking Dead: is he afraid of Rick ? We meet this fall on AMC to discover it! In your opinion, what character could die in this war?