The Walking Dead Season 8: Season Premiere, the 100th episode will pay tribute to the series!

Cinema 9 May, 2017

The Walking Season 8 will kick off with the 100th episode of the series! A Season Premiere that could well be stuffed with winks and references to the series … We explain you.
The latest live Georgia news has just fallen and we are told in the headset that the Season Premiere of season 8 of The Walking Dead looks crazy . While the shooting of the next episodes of the AMC show has just begun, some photos give us first spoilers on the rest of the series. You know, besides being the first episode, Season Premiere of season 8 will also be the hundredth episode of the zombie show ! It’s a lot to celebrate and inevitably, it is expected that Gimple and cie have prepared us many surprises … Small preview with these shooting pictures.
Carl season 8 and Rick season 1, same fight ! Uh, it smells winks … After a season 7 a lot criticized, we can not wait to find what made the success of the series. And what better way to reconnect with the past than small references well placed? We are certain that this Season Premiere of season 8 of The Walking Dead should both make us nostalgic for past chapters and make us want to discover those of this year. Because yes, we were promised, the show will not make the same mistakes as in season 7. Get ready, it starts in October on AMC .