The Walking Dead Season 8: When will the next episodes be shot?

Cinema 11 April, 2017

Season 7 just finished, it’s already time to think about the sequel! But by the way, does it start when the shooting of season 8 of The Walking Dead?
We expect a lot, but then many, from the sequel to The Walking Dead ! After a season 7 rather difficult to digest for many fans, we pray that the next episodes of the AMC show catch up. Well, with the main battle between the Saviors and our heroes, we think that the series can only do better. We are expecting this since the end of Season Premiere of season 7 of The Walking Dead , so it is likely to be particularly enjoyable! But before the revenge of the Rick team, it will first of all have to film the episodes of this season 8 . Apparently, Norman Reedus , aka Daryl, is more than ready for filming … Judge Rather!
It is during the first week of May , so very soon, that the shooting of season 8 of The Walking Dead will begin . And that says filming, says first spoilers about the upcoming episodes ( Amen! ). Do not worry, little curious, we will be there to share all the information gathered on the set of the series AMC. Will you resist the call of spoilers, stolen photos and the first speculation about the intrigues of this season 8 of The Walking Dead ? Answer in less than a month! Until then, we start a TWD marathon , you follow us?