The Walking Dead Season 8: Will SPOILER be added to the list of missing characters that will probably not be seen again?

Cinema 17 April, 2017

Several months before the return of Rick & co for season 8 of The Walking Dead, we are interested in those we could never see again in the series.
It is possible that a jump in time will take place in season 8 of The Walking Dead and that he will make us miss things – we listed 3 for you – but it is also possible that we miss outright characters Which could never come back in the series. Let’s start with Heath who mysteriously disappeared in episode 6 of season 7 titled “Swear”. During his resupply mission with Tara, Heath encounters some trouble and the two friends end up being separated while they are being attacked by a horde of walkers. Tara then finds what appears to be the glasses of his friend, traces of tires as well as a mysterious card marked “PPP”. It is still unclear whether Heath succeeded in ‘ Or if the glasses on the ground are proof of a struggle and have been removed . It is also unclear what this map serves, or what the inscriptions mean.
In short, about Heath, we really do not know much except that the actor who plays it, Corey Hawkins, got a role in 24: Legacy and that this could make complicated filming in The Walking Dead . We hope in any case that the character will not be set aside and abandoned without any explanation. The second character to have disappeared is Sherry, Dwight’s ex-wife and Negan’s wife who fled the Sanctuary after releasing Daryl . Since it seems that she is alive, we hope to see her again in the following, and not necessarily with the same intrigue as that of her alter-ego in the comics … Finally one wonders if a third personage is not going Add to the list: Gregory. The Hilltop leader is slowly but surely pushing out by Maggie and Jesus and we know he has affinities with the Saviors. In episode 15 of season 7, it is clear that Gregory is ready to take the road to go and pay a visit to Simon at the Sanctuary.
It is therefore possible that Jadis was not the only one to have betrayed Rick and that Gregory also gave information to Negan about Alexandria and the others. But now that Negan and his Saviors know all there is to know and that the war is declared, does Gregory still have a usefulness for the Saviors? And could he really go back to Hilltop? Nothing is less certain … The fallen leader fled just before the storm and given his dubious reputation, it is doubtful whether Maggie or anyone else welcomes him now with open arms. However, is he brave enough to stay at the Sanctuary? It is hard to imagine that he is settling among Saviors with difficult rules where the law of the strongest prevails. In short, it may be that Gregory played his role in the ” Intrigue and that the screenwriters leave his fate in suspense like that of others before him. Waiting to know if we will see these characters in the following or not, find out why Season 8 of The Walking Dead could come back later than expected . What do you think ?