The Walking Dead: Series vs Comics, when we exchange the dead

Cinema 15 December, 2016

Between The Walking Dead series and the eponymous series, the characters do not necessarily die in the same way. Discover those who exchange their dead.
What death for? There are some days, we wondered what to expect in Eugene after the 7 of The Walking Dead season and even if it could not know the same fate Holly, now a character in the comics that gave birth to the series. Indeed, we can see, in order to better surprise, the series allows many freedoms on the deaths of our heroes and long.
The first notable example is the death of Dale. In the show, it is gutted by a zombie and, thereafter, finished by Daryl. In the comics, he survived much longer and died of how Bob Stookey died in the series: bitten by a zombie, partly eaten by cannibals, eventually succumbing to the zombie fever.
Another significant event: in black and white pages, we discover that the Governor decapitated Tyreese not Hershel. In the series, the death Tyreese was much calmer since wandering into a fantasized reality, following the bite of a prowler. We can also to link this death to that of Carol in the comics. Indeed, the latter suicide in the series and we wonder if Tyreese was not voluntarily unconscious.
More recently, these types of cases that are multiplied! So Denise died long before what would have been his time. Indeed, it is a symbolic death that is offered to him, that of Abraham . In the comics, he received an arrow through the eye in the middle of a conversation with Eugene.
However, the military did not survive much longer as it was entitled to the death of Glenn, by shattering the skull Negan. Note that Glenn suffered the same tragic fate, in the comics image, which is ultimately very rare.
Indeed, it is good to signify that beyond these switches, the series diverges comics on virtually all cases of death of our heroes and villains . We have for example Shane. On television, he was stabbed in the heart by Rick, but on paper, Carl shoots him.
Also, the Governor is not killed by Michonne and Lori does not die giving life. We can add some characters are as outstanding in the image of Judith and Carol, died long ago in the pages of the creation of Robert Kirkman and contrary to Andrea and Sofia are still very much alive. Finally, in terms of Daryl, the mystery will remain unresolved as it is a perfect creation of the series of AMC . While waiting to know if our Eugene / Holly theory proves correct, discover a first single episode 9 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, in which the unknown is back! Do you prefer the dead of the series or those of comics?