The Walking Dead: The 5 funniest moments in the series!

Cinema 14 January, 2017

Yes, the series of zombies can be funny and even The Walking Dead sometimes happens to snatch us a smile in the middle of the drama …
The wait continues and when we wondered if there is little Rick was still underestimate Negan in season 7 of The Walking Dead, we offer you now a little relaxation. Even if the characters go through many trials difficult and the post-apocalyptic world after a zombie outbreak n’est not always very funny (if ever), The Walking Dead is still occasionally the opportunity we offer Some funny little scenes that relax the atmosphere. After all Rick, Daryl, Michonne and other people are almost like the others who also have a sense of humor – even if we do not see very often on the screen .
Rick relaxes
In season 6 Rick and Daryl, the two “bros”, go on a supply mission (during which they will fall on Jesus) by car. Facing the long journey that awaits them, Rick decides to put on some music, it is deaf to the protests of Daryl who literally begged not to this CD. Lack of bowl, slamming fingers on a good country air seems to please Rick …
Chocolate bar
The Walking Dead does not make many jokes, but when it comes the least we can say is that they are well, very well anchored in the plot. In season 3 when Michonne, Carl and Rick fall on Morgan, Michonne takes a chocolate bar to him because it is the apocalypse and that digs. Three seasons later, in season 6 when Morgan is part of the group, he asks Michonne if she stole her bar, which she denies. It was only later in the season than Rick Morgan admits that yes, Michonne had indeed taken his chocolate bar …
Abraham’s replies
Few characters have also invariably funny replicas Abraham who during his short life in the series (RIP) never missed one to express in the most vivid way possible . Among the friendliest include “I’ll let you shave too soft a dolphin” , “Mother dick!” , “I do not care as the testicle of a monkey” or “Suck my nuts” . In short, a flowery language that we already lack.
The magnificent sculpture
In season 3 right in a dramatic little scene in which Carl talks about his mother Michonne saying he would like Judith know what it looks like, it Michonne says she would anyway be returned to the bar where the Photo of Grimes was hooked because she could never leave without a beautiful statuette of multicolored cat .
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Finally talk about how The Walking Dead cult funny scenes not to mention burn Maggie inflicted Glenn . While the two young n’en are at the beginning of their relationship, Glenn slips to Maggie that he remains 11 condoms … to which she replies “You, you see 11 condoms, I see 11 minutes of my life lost forever ” . Aaah Glenn … we miss you …
Here is our little tour of some of the funniest scenes in the series. Difficult to mention them all, but we also think of the encounter of Daryl, Rick and Jesus, during which Jesus makes them turn into a jerk or even to the replicas of Eugene. .. In short, do not hesitate to share the moments you’ve found the funniest and pending whether the result will always be a laugh, find out why a person may not return in season 7 of The Walking Dead ! And you, what scenes made you laugh?