The Walking Dead: The 5 most touching moments of the series!

Cinema 1 February, 2017

No, The Walking Dead is not just gore and dead. A small return on the touching moments of the series that have moved us through the seasons.
The wait is soon over! melty continues to help you wait until 12 February and then we wondered yesterday if Rick and Negan would be allies in the season 8 of The Walking Dead , we now offer a small return to the past. The series might be possible and the gore full of tragic deaths, The Walking Dead has nevertheless offered us beautiful moments with the seasons. Who said Apocalypse says danger, but also solidarity to survive, and the characters are the strong point of the series, the relationship that developed between them have been the subject of special attention . You will discover the five scenes that have most affected us and do not hesitate to share the touching moments of the series you have chosen.
Without having a particular scene in mind, difficult not to be touched by the relationship between Rick and Daryl. The bond that unites them is fortified with the seasons and the two men now consider themselves brothers . It must be said that they went through a number of trials together and that they always managed to protect each other and to grow. The balance created between them is one of the pillars of the group and it is enough to see the intensity of their reunion after Daryl escaped from the Sanctuary to know that they could die for each other.
Michonne and the little Grimes
Upon his arrival in the group, Michonne offered us some touching moments that confirmed one thing: badass warrior behind this lies a woman with a big heart . Whether it was bringing Judith’s milk to prison, or bringing comics or sweets to Carl, Michonne has always been very protective of the Grimes children long before they get closer to their father.
Rick finds Judith alive
Another point that comes to mind is the reunion between Rick and Judith in the first episode of Season 5 . After believing his daughter was dead and being imprisoned by Gareth, Rick finally finds Judith thanks to Carol and offers us a touching and just moment that warms the heart after several difficult episodes.
Daryl finds Carol
How to mention Rick reunion and Judith not to mention those few moments earlier, between Carol and Daryl and a hug as adorable as surprising . The alchemy between these two is clear and we have already seen several times how much Daryl holds to Carol and vice versa. We also hope that Daryl and Carol will soon find themselves in the 7 The Walking Dead season to give us another touching scene of this kind.
Glenn and Maggie meet
Like many characters in many seasons, Glenn and Maggie have also been separated by the circumstances in The Walking Dead. Yet after escaping from prison separately, they eventually end up in episode 15 of season 4 titled “Us”. After leaving messages on the road for Terminus, the couple finally had a stroke of luck . Glenn and Maggie are both alive, and they are together again, all is well that finishes well (or almost …).
That closes our little return on the stages of The Walking Dead which moved us since, as we all know, the series is above all a human series that tells the story of touching characters in an apocalyptic situation. Rendezvous on February 12 to know what awaits them in the sequel! What time have you touched you?