The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Riverdale, Scandal … Our Top Series of February 2017!

Cinema 28 February, 2017

The month of February was loaded on American television! Between returns and launches, there was something for everyone. But what series stand out? Discover it with our Top of the Month!
2017 has clearly started on the hats, the meltynauts! It must be said that the writers seem to have given themselves for all the series. We are not going to hide it the Top Series of February was quite difficult to establish, as the quality of the episodes diffused was general. However, we found common ground and we were able to list the 10 series that have marked the last 28 days on television . There is a medical series, a family drama, and even a series of espionage. Are you ready ? So let’s go !
10 / Big Little Lies
Launched on HBO a week ago, Big Little Lies proved to be a quality series from its pilot. With the second episode aired on Sunday night, David E. Kelley’s series featuring Shailene Woodley, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon showed she was not there to joke. We are dealing here with very serious, sometimes disturbing subjects and all that, against a background of murder . In short, we can advise you to put yourself in Big Little Lies, whose first season will be composed of 7 episodes.
9 / The Mick
At melty, we rarely talk about comedy, but we would not do our job properly if The Mick was not in this top! The series is a real television nugget. Each episode is frankly hilarious and what is good is that the actors seem to have fun to shoot and it feels! And good news for the fans of the series: The Mick was renewed for a season 2. What to install properly in his chair so binge watcher quietly the first season.
8 / The 100
After a disappointing third season, The 100 was back at the beginning of the month for his fourth chapter. Four episodes later, the results are very positive and one gets the impression that the writers have learned from their past mistakes . The tension within the different clans is present more than ever and it is particularly interesting to see how each character reacts while he knows himself condemned. A war is brewing in episode 5 of season 4 of The 100 and so much you say that a bloodbath is just two fingers to occur. Enjoy!
7 / Homeland
Ahhhh, Homeland! Nobody gave much of the skin of the series after the death of Brody at the end of season 3. But it is clear that the show has more than one trick in his bag. Seasons 4 and 5 were great and with this start of season 6, Homeland takes us again short . The tension is palpable, the characters are jostled, the plot is exciting and you clearly feel like watching a new series. In short, we pull our hat at the show, which happens to renew each year! Well done, guys!
6 / Gray’s Anatomy
After a fairly disappointing first part of season 13, Gray’s Anatomy raises the level like never before with its new episodes. The story of Alex now settled, the show can now focus on the war that takes place within the hospital between Minnick and the incumbents. Taking sides is risky and some characters find themselves in the middle of the battlefield. Once again, Gray’s Anatomy proves that we can surprise after more than twelve years of antenna and for that reason, the series of Shonda Rhimes deserves its place in our Top!
5 / Scandal
We believed more, but she did! Scandal, who has suffered many scenario failures in recent seasons, has succeeded in a coup de maître: to propose in season 6 episodes of a very good level. It’s like going back to the good old days of season 2. The assassination of Vargas was a great idea that redistributed the cards and today we are witnessing a particularly intense game of power . In short, we love this start of the season and we hope that the next 12 episodes will be just as successful! In fact, episode 5 of season 6 of Scandal will be released on March 9 on ABC.
4 / The Walking Dead
Everyone agrees: after his season 7 premiere, The Walking Dead disappointed. But we can only applaud the beginning of the second part of the season that unites everything we love in the series: danger, zombies, confrontations, reunion, emotion and tension. With the war between our heroes and the Saviors, we can only be excited by what lies ahead, and frankly we are impatient with the idea of ​​seeing blood flowing to the Sanctuary. One thing is certain: the end of the season looks explosive and we can already launch bets on who will die and especially how!
3 / The Vampire Diaries
To say goodbye to a series is always difficult, but the task is much simpler when the last episodes are just crazy. It must be said that for this last chapter of the adventures of the Salvatore and their loved ones, Julie Plec and all her team surpassed. It feels like seeing The Vampire Diaries from the beginning, which surprised, shocked, moved us and even made us laugh . So yes, the final series is fast approaching, but we can only be happy that the show ends on a nice note!
2 / How to Get Away with Murder
HTGAWM struck again. This second part of the season – very dark – could be disconcerting at times, but Peter Nowalk’s show was not as successful from a psychological point of view of the characters. The revelation of the identity of the guilty party of the murder of one of the characters is almost in the background as the scenes brought by the others were incredible. The time will be particularly long before the season 4, but not serious, we will do the first three seasons in the biggest calm.
1 / Riverdale
This month, our number 1 series is Riverdale, recently launched on the CW. My god this show is enjoyable. We were eagerly waiting to discover a new teen-show that would make us vibrate as Gossip Girl was able to do in its beginnings and it is a successful mission for Riverdale . The series contains all the ingredients of an exciting series: a murder, mysteries, secrets, a disturbing little town, tension, lies, sex, scandal … in short, Riverdale is THE series of the month of February. And good news: it is available on Netflix! So you have no excuse for not going to discover it (if not already done)! And you, what series have you worshiped this month?