These actors and actresses in the poster in 2017 are they “pistonne”?

Cinema 2 January, 2017

Among the films already announced for 2017, we find some names of actors who tell us something. Would it be a member of the other’s family, the known one?

We start the year with a test, just to put the brain on the way after disconnecting (and spoiled anyway) this weekend . The principle is simple: I give you the name of the actors, the film in which they will appear in 2017 and their photo, to you to know if they are related to a star. In order to avoid a simple trick and a 100% score without any glory, I remove the obvious answers (like Zoé Kravitz that everyone already knows) and balance the actors not yet too well known. Here we go !
1. Patrick Schwarzenegger, “Go North” on January 13, is he the son of Arnorld?
2. Alyssa Lynch, starring “Before I Fall” on March 3, is she the daughter of David?
3. Charlie Farrell, “Death Race 2050” on January 17, is Colin’s brother?
4. Scott Eastwood, “Live by night” on January 13 and “Fast and Furious” on April 14, is he the son of Clint?
5. Rusty Schwimmer, on “The Belko Experiment” on March 17, is David’s sister?
6. Max Irons, on “Terminal” and “The Wife” (no dates yet), is he the son of Jeremy?
7. David Lennon, starring “Hello Destroyer” (not yet announced), is he the son of John?
8. Martin Freeman, on the screen of “Cargo” (not yet announced), is he Morgan’s brother?
The answers
1. Yes
2. No
3. No
4. Yes
5. No
6. Yes
7. No
8. Sorry for the troll, no, obviously So, what’s your score?