These films where even the end credits tears

Cinema 19 April, 2017

It is already rare to love a film from end to end, whereas in the credits of end makes you kiffer also, must take advantage. And point it out.
Sometimes the movie is so nazy that you do not get to the end. By abandonment, nervousness, falling asleep, angry departure of the room … Here, it is the opposite. You start the beginning, the middle, the end … and the end of the end! When everyone gets up, slips his coat and breaks, or has already switched off the DVD to go to bed, you stayed focused. You saw the end credits. And you enjoyed it. Selection of the best. Those who were not content to swing a thousand names in white on a black background, gently.

Inland Empire
As in most (if not all, in fact) of David Lynch’s films, you let yourself be carried away by a strange atmosphere, a disturbing limit at times. The scenes, the characters, the soundtrack: everything is done to lose you. Mid-dream, half-dramatic, classic . And Inland Empire does not escape, on the contrary! Moreover, this is once again a mise en abyme (see Mulholland Drive). And the end credits make perfect delirium: sexy and mysterious women, a single woman, a monkey, a guy who saw, then it goes on a dance, all under a light sometimes chopped stroboscope, sometimes obstructed. Until the last second, Lynch makes you float.

An animated film that marked the spirits, in well eh. And that remains not only coherent until the end, but also makes you think. Which reinforces his point and hammer one last time the trick with a generic style . In animation, we revive the evolution of humans, through ages and civilizations. A story to relate to the history of the robot compactor of waste, cleansing the earth.

Ferris Bueller’s Crazy Day
Close to genius. The last scene is on the left side of the screen, while the credits are scrolling to the right. The rhythms are smooth and harmonious: slow. Perfect to make pass a last scene, in order to finish in beauty, without being shit and finish on a bad impression . In addition, the attitude of the perso confirms well all the way done so far, it makes sense. And the icing on the cake: the kid who comes to see you and tell you that this time is really over, after the return to the wide screen. An idea that Deadpool took over by the way.

Legend of the drunken master
Well served by the master in the matter: Jacky Chan. Already accustomed to the comic roles in the films of action that turns, the actor also knows how to pay of his person in the generics. The director only has to keep the tapes of the shoot and it’s good : wacky cascades, jokes, moments of disconnection, small failures, choreography that leaves in lollipops … You still laugh and finished really well.

Blue Valentine
The way to make history just narrated, to make it feel even more keenly its end by remonstrating the images of the beginning , as well as make you realize that this applies to all. You are touched, you gently return to the reality, it still works to you. With pictures licked fireworks , happy couple … Other generics that have marked you?