These movies where scenes were modified in scred ‘after the release

Cinema 28 February, 2017

Between the release version at the beginning and then the reruns later, or the release on DVD, some are slightly different. Examples and explanations.
It is true that it is tempting. You go out a thing that you do not like 100%, you have a regret, an improvement to bring, a polemic to manage, then hop, a little touch and we assure the blow for the version that will now broadcast. Not crazy the wasp. Except that sometimes, it is known, it shows. And that’s not always a good idea.
Disney erases a bar from “The Little Mermaid”
When Ursula and Prince Eric get married, they face a normal churchman. What is less, it is the rod of the guy in question, that we see well push the pants … It is even the impression that Ursula blocked, embarrassed . Just like some viewers, then Disney will edit it digitally later. The illustrator will explain that it was a knee, nothing else. Maybe, but in doubt, they wiped out that little bump that stressed everyone.
The special edition of Spielberg for “Encounters of the third type”
In summary, the studio forced Spielberg to include the ending scene where one sees the interior of the spaceship. He did not want it and thought it useless. He explained that the studio faced the bankruptcy and had to leave the film quickly, so he had executed. Well, let’s admit. Later, he released a special edition without it. So, it changes the film . And James Cameron gave his opinion: it was a bullshit and it screwed up the movie which was fine as it was out.
Cameron polishes the starry sky in “Titanic”
Historical success, this film has fueled 11 Oscars and awards in general. The story, the play of the actors, the beauty of the scenes, the taf upstream to rebuild the boat … A colossal work. And still, small details were further improved after its release. Some criticized the overflow of light and lighting during certain scenes. Then it was corrected. More whew, the letter of a physicist named Neil deGrasse Tyon, who mocked Cameron explaining that Rose would never have seen that sky , with these stars tonight in 1912, given the Position of the boat and the time of year. Obsessed with the details, James Cameron changed this, to be consistent with the remarks of Mr. Know-Everything.
Coppola adds sex between ghosts in “Apocalypse Now”
Difficult not to notice this, between the movie exit and that of the Redux. We see the future President Martin Sheen, accompanied by his soldiers, stop in a French plantation, during their march. And after dinner, marked by a very serious discussion about the history of Vietnam, the future president climbs into a room and sleeps with one of the hosts. After taking opium . Well, already, you have to want to add that, we do not see too much delirium. In addition, it looks like a dumpling because from a historical point of view, the French had already fucked the camp at this time of the Vietnam War. More planting normally. Then Francis brought out his excuse: it was scenes of travel in time, with ghosts. Mouai.
Wacky scenes in the special edition of “The Night of the Living Dead”
If you see so many zombies on TV or movie today, you have to thank George Romero, who made this film in 1968. Such a pioneer. And if you do not kiffes, you can blame him. In any case, when the film was released, the title was changed at the last minute and the producers forgot to indicate his name on the tape. Farewell copyright, hello modification à foison. Then in the 90s, it was the co-writer John A. Russo who was pleased by adding scenes to explain the origin of the original zombie . He was a ready rapist, buried by two assholes. The images of the 90s do not denote at all with those of the 60s, nickel … And it goes on, with other ridiculous scenes of zombies, the ready who eats the face of a guy, A dog … The guy made his birthday present and stained the film. So, is it really necessary to touch up a work already diffused?