These reluctant pals whom you galley to silence, even for a minute

Cinema 10 February, 2017

Living together is not easy. You have to know when to talk and when to shut up. For these characters, it is dead: they are incapable. Alert scrambles!
An image is worth ten thousand words. Regardless of whether it is true, justified, plausible, we must make this expression go to those characters of films and series. Seriously, it would allow those who frequent them to breathe a little, to be able to spend time without hearing them jacter. You got a buddy like that? Or a roommate, right? If you recognize him in common with them, it’s hot . We’re complaining.
Sam Gamegie in “The Lord of the Rings”
Frodo has to show a lot of patience with him glued to his basques. Already he is a bit fuzzy and does not have a rhythm of sick to cross the mountains and valleys, Sam does not stop complaining . Or say he’s hungry. Or to think aloud about his place in the world , his role or to falsely philosophize. Most of us would have asked him to close it. Completely.
Phoebe Buffay in “Friends”
Not bad for a penny, she can not refrain from speaking. Especially when it comes to keeping a secret. Phoebe drops big files without realizing it , then laughs and dedramatizes without it, it’s just what you ask her in this case … Head in the air, awkward, naive, Real arguments. Because she does not give a damn about anything. So to be with her or live with her, you have to be ready.
Steve Stifler in “American Pie”
You see the unbearable guy who was with you in high school? It was nothing. Stifler is the prototype of the young wanker who talks about everything, all the time, everywhere , without end … When he does not invent stories to sleep up to tell him, he makes crappy jokes, balances displaced allusions On your mother, provokes you until you explode … In addition, he likes it, annoy people. Only one solution: gagging.
Sheldon Cooper in “The Big Bang Theory”
It’s that he has good flow in addition the bastard! When he has something to say, Sheldon does not hesitate, he does. The problem is that he always has something to say. He knows all about him and distributes his advice and other recommendations to Leonard, Raj or Howard . It’s already heavy, since you did not ask him anything, actually. It’s annoying when he lets himself on a subject that you master better than him, like your own job. And it is also sometimes hurtful or very embarrassing when he believes himself obliged to resolve a conflict with another person who happens to be right there in front of everyone.
Eric Cartman in “South Park”
It is unfortunately lost with him. His mother, his teachers, his friends: all tried, and failed. Cartman respects nothing and nobody and balances everything that passes through his head, without filter . This can be racist, mysogine, homophobic, or just mean and aggressive: it is multi-tasking. As a dictator in budding, Cartman has a high opinion of himself, which prompts him not to shrink from anything.
The kind of mates who is able to show up in the middle of your couple on Valentine’s Day . If you think you have an unstoppable trick to get rid of it, you can always swing it on the site of Caprice des Dieux , which organizes a great contest with notably a stay in San Francisco to win! It’s okay, you think you can get out of it?