These series that finish so nazi way that you feel cheated (e)

Cinema 15 March, 2017

Logically, the whole story before has been thought, narrated, to come to this conclusion. So when it stinks, you’re rather disappointed.
“The important thing is not the fall, it’s the landing” , as this phrase says in “La Haine”. As for these TV series, the landing proved to be catastrophic. In the sense that you have the unpleasant impression that he was not well prepared, anticipated, “that one had to finish in a way then hop one sways that and it is good” … No. Unfortunately, this is not good. Not here.
Written by Jenji Kohan (also behind “Orange is the new black”), the series detonated and cardboard. A woman finds herself confronted with the premature death of her husband and must manage to complete the end of the month, suddenly. Then Nancy launches into the weed deal, and we discover wacky characters: Andy, Doug, Guillermo, his two sons Silas and Shane … For three seasons, we type bars. Then it calms down, turns round and leaves as a lollipop . And at the end, boom: a small shot, sitting in front of a porch, they promise that everything will go well from now on. That’s all ? No evidence, no arguments? Just a promise and it’s settled. Good, ok …
“Do you think it goes?” – “Boh, it’ll go, mouse!”
The Sopranos
Typical debates and criticism that causes an open end. Some like, others hate. Here, in the end, we see Tony in a very banal restaurant, with his family. He spotted a dumb guy, or worried him at least. Tony is not serene, he watches the guy go to the toilet. One understands that he fears to be shot in a few seconds, the guy weapon in hand . And bim, fade black, everyone is packing up. So yes, the end is thoughtful and pushes people to get their opinion. And it confronts them with the horrible feeling of insecurity and paranoia inherent in the life of mafioso. But some fans did not like it at all …
Sex & The City
Small precision: we are talking about series for failed purposes. Not mythical series for the purposes that disappointed us. Because we’re not going to lie either, Sex & The City has never been the series of the century. However, it had its audience, its followers and its history carried them for years. Mainly that of Carrie, who does not find the man of his life, abandons the idea of ​​marrying. Intelligent, independent, beautiful, she assumes and finds her happiness otherwise: by contenting herself with sleeping here and there, leading her life as a bachelor as she sees fit. And she’s right. Except in the end, Mr Big disembarks on his white horse, like a savior, and she jumps on the occasion like Suarez on a well tended shoulder. All that for this.
My uncle Charlie
We are in front of two children. Two kids. We could almost say two cons but we are not like that. In this case, screenwriter Chuck Lorre and lead actor Charlie Sheen. This last fucked the brothel, left the series, negotiated bastard extensions, put the series in the shit of his behavior and his life a little too dissolute (in alcohol and drugs). We agree. Alas, instead of being more intelligent, the other has found nothing better in the last episode than to insult him and mock him by releasing a piano on his character and swinging: “I won! ” High level. And a lack of respect for the fans who had typed twelve seasons and hundreds of hours of viewing to see the story end up as well.
True Blood
Since the beginning of the story, the atmosphere was tense. Black. Stressful. A lot of shit, tangles, ramifications. So things to clear up at the end, decisions to make. Let the spectator know with whom Sookie finishes for example. Eric or Bill? And what about Lafayette? Instead, the series ends on a scene where everyone seems happy, including Sookie who is obviously pregnant but we do not know who because the guy is back … How to dodge and leave the fans alone, chapter 1 Lesson 1. And Lafayette, we see it done quickly, as if it had no importance in history. Hard.
Probably the most annoying and disappointing. For years, Dexter kept us in suspense, we were passionate about the character. His duality, his complexity, his difficulties … We were with him brothel, he had to get there, get out. At last it was thought that he wanted and could, to live with Hannah and his son Harrison. It was within reach, after doing so much harm. And then, the guy decides not. Okay, so let’s admit. But in this case, it really stumbles . He understands that he will remain a monster, no longer supports all the evil he does (especially the death of his sister Deb) and fucks himself in the air. Okay. But no, Dexter just goes to hang out alone, in Alaska, like a cunt, and does not do anything. Anything … He abandons his family, does not kill any more, in short it serves no purpose, Behaves like a coward and flees. The very opposite of what Dexter has been up to now … Which made you the most enervated ?