This is Us: Find out why the Pearson family has been shattered! (SPOILERS)

Cinema 18 November, 2016

This Is Us, is the story of the Pearson clan. A family shaken and then separated by the vagaries of life. 7 The episode highlighted the reasons for the collapse of the Big Three! Warning Spoilers.

this-is-us-saison-1-episode-1-pilote-1x01Some wounds never heal! This Is Us was back Tuesday on NBC with a 7 unpublished episode titled “The Best Washing Machine in the World”. An appointment which again touched us in the heart. The opportunity for us all to learn more about the reasons why Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) on one hand and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) other share , moving away from each other … Beware, if you still have not had time to watch episode 7, this article may you spoiler! First things first: parents, Jack and Becca . In the first episode they were a perfect couple who loved unconditionally and we felt quite able to welcome with open arms triplets. Still, the last episode has addressed the difficulties that these lovers met in the 1990s it seems that their passion has not resisted time or education of their three children … The first signs are subtle . Jack forgets to kiss his sweetheart on returning in the evening. He confides his doubts about his friend Miguel (Jon Huertas), which we know is, in this, the second husband of Rebecca. Because as you know, Jack is no more.
It is still unclear how he died but we invite you to discover the three theories about the death of Jack in This Is Us . From his side Becca decided to exhume his old dream of becoming a singer and find an old friend played by Sam Trammell (True Blood). It is obvious that at this stage their destiny begins to diverge. The breaking point between the two lovers is this terrible scene in the bedroom when Becca tries to share her enthusiasm with her husband after a successful repetition and does not get the support it had hoped. The couple does is neither the same dreams or the same objectives . It seems that this is no longer a matter of time before things from escalating. Alongside the marital problems of Becca and Jack, another family drama loomed in the house of Pearson Tuesday night. Kevin’s jealousy towards his brother Randall took an irreversible turn …
We already felt that the relationship between the brothers, now adults, was tense but we did not know what Children’s events was actually originally. Tuesday night, the brothers settled their accounts! “You always entitled to special treatment because you’re black and adopted” , the main complaint formulated by Kevin Randall adult in the middle of Manhattan. The abscess burst, both Pearson went up this fight in the street. Like what the pains and frustrations of childhood will never disappear … Randall was finally able to express his vision and his unsuccessful struggle to get the attention of his brother which resulted in deep resentment. After this exchange of punches, it seems that the brothers are finally on the right track to improve their relationship. Especially after this fury poured Kevin, for the first time in his life, Randall introduced to the crowd that had gathered to see the Manny stretch a stranger. “My brother” . The future for them is hopeful. Find on melty 3 reasons why you must not miss the series , now airing as Canal +. What do you think of this touching family story?