Thor 3 Ragnarok: A new connection to Planet Hulk confirmed

Cinema 20 December, 2016

Hulk being present in Thor 3: Ragnarok, references to “Planet Hulk” will be numerous in the film. And besides, another connection to the comic has just been confirmed!
Well, Hulk may never get his solo film Marvel (is not Spider-Man who wants, is not it?), But at least we’ll see him getting embedded in the New adventures of Thor! The green giant will land in Thor 3: Ragnarok to spin a hand to his favorite friend / punching-ball, who will have a lot to do to put a stop to the evil ambitions of Hela. And be careful, Hulk intends to impose a little of his universe in that of the god of thunder. As you are aware, the meltynautes that Thor 3: Ragnarok contain elements of “Planet Hulk”, either through some characters or through the armor that will … Hulk for at least a few scenes from the film . But be careful, the references to the Greg Pak series will obviously not be limited to that! Because yes, Thor 3: Ragnarok establish another connection to ” Planet Hulk “, as confirmed by the director himself.
Then this one will not be established by the presence of another character but rather … thanks to a place! It would appear that we travel in the film to the planet Sakaar , serving well and truly part of the Hulk’s adventures in the comic. In an interview with the site / Film, Taika Waititi has indeed revealed: ” Sakaar is simply a very futuristic crazy place that represents a revolution for the film and the characters. “. Here, it is said, Thor and Hulk visibly risk to be disoriented when they will meet for the first time on Sakaar! If you have not read ” Planet Hulk “, know that it is this world that crashed our green giant after being exiled by the Avengers. And so it is also on this hostile planet that he must fight several battles in an arena. Even if Taika Waititi does not give more precision in his commentary, we can assume that it is on Sakaar our two heroes will meet – and compete? – all under the eye of the Great Master (Jeff Goldblum). It remains to be seen how long they will stay there before heading back to Asgard. But at least will do we can be that way in Thor 3: Ragnarok if Hulk can lose a fight with Thor ! How do you visualize the planet?