Thor 3 Ragnarok: The official synopsis unveiled!

Cinema 6 January, 2017

You waited for it, it finally arrived: the official synopsis of Thor 3: Ragnarok. And it will surprise you.
The rumor of a competition and a confrontation between Thor and Hulk swelled since the announcement of actor Jeff Goldblum in the role of the Grand Master in May. Yes, because the latter is known to be a great lover of games and especially fights of gladiators in arenas. So why integrate it into the cast if it’s not to talk about it? Well now we have only to ask ourselves since Disney have finally unveiled the official synopsis of Thor 3: Ragnarok , and there is indeed a small clash provided between the God of Thunder and Titan Green. How did they get there? Here is what exactly the synopsis: “In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor finds himself trapped on the other side of the universe without his hammer, and launched into a race against time to return home and to prevent Ragnarok – the destruction of his planet and his civilization – led by a new powerful threat, the terrible Hera. But he must first survive a mortal gladiatorial fight that will make him face his former ally, Hulk. ”
Thor jailed without his hammer , that which begins badly for our Asgardian. And even more so if he finds himself compelled to confront Hulk. We have already seen what the latter could do to him, such as, for example, sending him for miles with a single blow of his fist. That said, we do not worry too much. As the synopsis, Thor has other fish to fry, especially because of Hela, described as a “new threat overkill” that decided to nullify his planet. Moreover, Taika Waikiki , the director, tease a sort of “buddy-movie” , which means, a priori, Hulk and Thor will team. A duo of shock, and that’s little to say. Besides Dr. Strange, who will also be part of . This is in any case that promises good scenes of action and we look forward to having a first glimpse in a first trailer, before the release of the film next October! And you, what do you think of this synopsis?