Thor Ragnarok: The explosive trailer unveiled!

Cinema 10 April, 2017

After long months of waiting and a lot of teasing, the first official trailer of Thor Ragnarok arrived. Find out about melty.
Finally ! After long months of waiting, we finally have the first images of Thor Ragnarok, the film that promises to be the one of all the changes for the God of Asgard. Finished loves on Earth, Thor stays in space to face the most dangerous enemies of the universe, including Hela played by Cate Blanchett. It is the latter who will lead Thor to his ruin by destroying the Mjolnir and at the same time, Asgard! Our favorite superhero will end up in Exile and the planet on which he will land is not necessarily populated by souls sensitive to his situation!
Yes, Thor will fall right into the nets of Valkyrie and before the throne of the Great Master played by Jeff Goldblum . Finished our god with silky hair, Thor goes into Gladiator mode for Ragnarok and will have to face stronger than him in the arena, including the Hulk. An opponent who does not seem to scare him because they know each other, they are colleagues! Will the confrontation be simpler? Not if one believes the reaction of the Hulk! What do you think of this trailer?