Those ruptures that destroyed our little heart

Cinema 20 May, 2017

The series sometimes is like life, it breaks the heart and it makes you want to get under the duvet with a pot of ice Ben and Jerry’s …
The series reflect the life whether good or bad times, and the difficult breaks on the screen is not what is missing. Whether it is to get back together and satisfy our shippers’ hearts or for definitive separations that still make us cry internally when we think about it, many characters have separated on the screen for our greatest sadness . Small return on the most iconic ruptures, take out the handkerchiefs and do not hesitate to share those that marked you in the comments!
Ross and Rachel (Friends)
We were on break ! How to talk about difficult breaks without mentioning one of the most cult couples on the small screen: Ross & Rachel. The two characters of Friends have separated and rabibochés many times but their most difficult break was nevertheless the first one . After more than two seasons to turn around, Ross and Rachel finally go out together … until Ross sleeps with Chloe out of jealousy toward Mark, Rachel’s colleague. A mistake that cost him dearly and which will have offered us one of the most sad episodes of the series.
Bette and Tina (The L Word)
Pillars of the small group of characters from The L Word , Bette and Tina is the definition of alchemy and “make for each other” … until Bette goes elsewhere and breaks the heart of Tina – and our with. And since The L Word does not do in lace, their break scene is particularly violent on the physical level in spite of few dialogues and destroys what was thought to be one of the leading couples of the series at the end of the First season. Hard to imagine that they will recover together after that and yet …
Will and Alicia (The Good Wife)
To believe that when characters with undeniable alchemy turn around for 1000 years – good okay, a few episodes but it sometimes seems long, very long – before passing (FINALLY) to the act, it invariably ends in a painful break . Will and Alicia were no exception and even if we know, we KNOW they were meant to be together, that did not stop Alicia from terminating their relationship after her daughter disappeared . A short and intense scene summed up by Alicia’s few words: “I’m gonna miss you” . That one who has never wanted to change the series so that they end together will throw us the first stone.
Connor and Oliver (How to Get Away with Murder)
In the list of the worst ruptures, I ask that between two people who still love each other but can not manage to be together. When one has a past as heavy to carry as Connor, kind a murder, hard to find shoes to his foot and feel good about himself . Yet with Oliver it clicked right away, as much for them as for us, and their break in the beginning of season 3 was all the more difficult to see that their love still burst the screen. But the drama engendered by Annalize Keating will have been right the couple darling of the series.
Callie and Arizona (Gray’s Anatomy)
When you have two characters with a strong character and screenwriters as those of Gray’s Anatomy who enjoy torturing their characters, the life of a couple is rather uncertain and none were spared … N ‘ is not “screw up” that Wants, and Calliope and Arizona have paid for it several times . When Callie discovered that Arizona did not want children, when Arizona planted Callie at the airport before leaving for Africa, when Arizona deceived Callie with Peyton of the Scott Brothers … But the most difficult break is the final break Which marked the definitive end of their relationship. After spending a month without talking and while Arizona realized his love for Callie.
Yeah, like what in the series not everything is not always pink, but it is part of the intrigues – and life – and we must admit that crying a good shot in front of a series remains a cathartic moment that one knows appreciate When it’s done right . If the teen shows remain masters in the matter – and Gray’s Anatomy could be a category all by itself – this kind of event is almost inevitable in the intrigues since the painful ruptures are legion. So we do not forget Ryan and Marissa from The OC , Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl , Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother and Veronica and Logan from Veronica Mars .