True Blood : Jennifer Lawrence, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jessica Chastain would have been able to play in the series

Cinema 19 November, 2018






The creator of True Blood, Alan Ball, told a few anecdotes about the series of vampires with Anna Paquin.

Nobody was there waiting after his best screenplay academy award for American Beauty , and the success of the magnificent Six Feet Under, but Alan Ball has surfed on the success in linking up with True Blood. Adaptation of The Community to the south of Charlaine Harris, launched in 2005, the series of vampires with Anna Paquin as waitress and telepath has quickly become a small phenomenon, thanks to its humour and lightness ambient – not to mention the boost in popularity for the long teeth at the time.




Like too many other series, True Blood is quickly getting bogged down, trapped in a form more grotesque, with a dose of fantasy and romance as oily as the grotesque, where you will meet fairies, werewolves, and romance niaises. So the rouge blood turned the water pink. Alan Ball has left his post as showrunner after the fifth season.

Ten years after the birth of this cult series on HBO, Alan Ball returned to speak at a special screening of the pilot, the Vulture Festival in Los Angeles. The opportunity for him to deliver some funny anecdotes.


When the promo looks like an ad for perfume


Alan Ball has dropped that the cast was attracted to the (future) beautiful world at the time : Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain and Benedict Cumberbatch.

The actor of Sherlock and Doctor Strange has passed tests for the lead role of Bill, and Jessica Chastain for one of Sookie Stackhouse. In a parallel version, the two players now at the top of the food chain of hollywood, could therefore form the couple-star of True Blood. And so move to the side of quantities of projects to the cinema saw the employment of time of a series.

Recall that Joe Manganiello only second role, would have been rejected for the role of Superman in Man of Steel because of its commitment with HBO.


Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer


Alan Ball has also explained that Jennifer Lawrence has failed to join the series during season 3, in the role of a panther-garou. He explains that the actress, still unknown, was excellent, but too young : she was 17 years old, and had to interpret the girlfriend of Jason, the brother of Sookie, who is aged thirty years.

Again, this role could change many things for the actress since she was cast in Winter’s Bone right after, picked up an Oscar nomination, and has seen his career quickly take off afterwards.


Winter’s Bone, the film by which everything began


Alan Ball has also mentioned the adaptation of True Blood musical theatre, by Nathan Barr :

“It tells the story of vampires coming out of the closet. In the end it removed a lot of books. Because people are not ready, are too fanatical, and therefore they eventually end up back in their closet.”

A theme of discrimination and intolerance already widely exploited in the series.

Alan Ball just to find success since the end of True Blood. After several projects buried, his series Here and Now , with Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter, has been canceled after one season this year. Too bad, it was rather very intriguing.