Tyler Posey, Cody Christian, Ryan Kelley: Intimate videos unveiled, what happens to the actors of Teen Wolf?

Entertainment 25 April, 2017

A few months after their intimate videos were unveiled, what happened to Tyler Posey, Cody Christian and Ryan Kelley, three actors of Teen Wolf?
The storm has passed! If you follow the news of Tyler Posey, it will not have escaped you that the year 2017 started quite complicated for him. Yes, like Cody Christian, the star of Teen Wolf was the victim of a horrible hack . Result: several of his intimate videos have been put online, showing him in delicate and vulnerable positions like never before. In the meantime, we have explained why we love the actors of Teen Wolf, Dylan O’Brien and Colton Haynes in the lead , we must admit that Tyler Posey feared the worst: the end of his career. Luckily, he was well advised, moved away for several months from social networks, made only a small appearance at the People ‘ S Choice Awards, posed with pleasure to his fans and refocused on himself. So, he just landed a regular role in Seasons 3 and 4 of Jane The Virgin and could even get seriously into the music.
For his part, Cody Christian is not to be pitied . First victim among the actors of Teen Wolf , the one that was discovered in Pretty Little Liars is better today. Following the leak of his naked photos and videos, he had shut himself up at home, too shameful to face the world according to the words of his relatives. But at 22, Theo Raeken’s interpreter in season 5 of Teen Wolf realized that he has life in front of him and that his career will undoubtedly have to overcome other scandals. Cody Christian understood that he could recover from the leak of his intimate videos . Moreover, this hack made it a celebrity on the world plan and exploded its popularity rating, Enabling him to land a role in the American Assassination teen thriller . No wonder then that it is now more sexy than ever on social networks, Instagram in particular.
On the other hand, Ryan Kelley’s career seems to be at a standstill . The whole world certainly admired his anatomy, but that does not seem to have convinced the casting directors to hire him. So, since the end of the shooting of Teen Wolf , he enjoys holidays, chains the sessions at the gym, the cuddly moments with his pets and the journeys between friends. Recently, he was at the Coachella Music Festival , an event that allowed Tyler Posey to make his big comeback on social networks . So we cross the fingers so that the interpreter of Parrish quickly finds a job! What do you think of these three actors of Teen Wolf?