Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Colton Haynes, Cody Christian: Why do we love Teen Wolf actors?

Entertainment 15 April, 2017

Stars of the series Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Colton Haynes and Cody Christian are constantly talking about them. But in fact, why do they love them?
Idols of the young! When Teen Wolf debuted on MTV on June 5th, 2011, few of us were aware of the phenomenon that would become this series. Teen Wolf is a young teenager who has often been mocked. Notably because of its special effects not always up to the level of the other competing productions and its cast very beautiful all clean . Only now, almost 6 years after its launch, Teen Wolf is an integral part of pop culture. And its leading actors have gone from the status of simple idols of the young to that of true icons. While we were wondering recently whether KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse of Riverale were the new Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien , It would seem that this year 2017 is decisive for Tyler Posey. After the leak of intimate videos occurred in early 2017, Scott McCall’s interpreter in Teen Wolf decided to move away from social networks. An initiative Dylan O’Brien had already undertaken following the serious accident he suffered on the filming of Labyrinth 3 .
But despite a digital presence that is now less, the two stars of Teen Wolf continue to fascinate . But why ? Well, together, Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien represent the ultimate in bromance. Inseparable and adorable, the two actors never missed an opportunity to annoy the other or to say stupid an interview. A spontaneity that has not failed to crack millions of people around the world . While some of the best Instagram shots of Tyler Posey were unveiled to you , it goes without saying that we will not be watching the end of Season 6 of Teen Wolf even if only to see again and Scott and Stiles get caught in the arms.
For their part, Colton Haynes and Cody Christian are no exception. If Colton Haynes left Teen Wolf at the end of season 2 , he remains forever one of the show’s top actors. Yeah, his interpretation of Jackson Whittemore annoyed and pleased fans. Big arms, he and Lydia Martin formed an emblematic couple. Colton Haynes, 28, is now a gay icon since he made his coming out, recounting the difficulties he encountered when accepting himself, all before his encounter with Jeff Leatham. Both are now engaged. And if Colton Haynes won the International Men’s Prize at the Melty Future Awards 2017 , Cody Christian has no complaints. Its musculature and its good boiling n ‘ Had not gone unnoticed in Pretty Little Liars . And since the leak videos in which he plays with his sex, his popularity rating has exploded . That’s why he was quickly castrated in Assassination Nation , an ultra sexy thriller for teens. And you, what do you think of Teen Wolf actors?