Uncharted, the movie: The actor that Tom Holland would like to see in the role of Sully

Cinema 1 June, 2017

If a Uncharted film can not be done without Nathan Drake, we can also say the same thing about Sully. So who would Tom Holland see in the role of Nate’s friend?
Here we are ! Finally ! Well, maybe. After 10 years of bitter struggle and ideas thrown into the wastebasket, it seems that Sony finally holds the good end with regard to his film to adapt the adventures of the charismatic Nathan Drake. If you’re a fan of Naughty Dog’s videogame license – and even if you’re not – it did not escape you that Tom Holland was in the casting of that famous Uncharted movie that the studios galley at For a decade. Well, a priori, we will therefore be entitled to a origin story of the character since the actor will lend his features to a young Nate. The film could well, therefore, offer us a story unpublished, which would never have been told in the games. Except that we can still expect to see certain characters emblematic of the license of Naughty Dog. And if you think like melty’s editorial, the first name that comes to mind is Victor “Sully Sullivan, always a companion and a kind of paternal figure of our hero , but who could well embody A rejuvenated Sully?
If you do not have any ideas in mind, you should know that Tom Holland has one. And not just any. In fact, the interpreter of Peter Parker would see in the role one of his co-stars of the MCU, namely … Chris Pratt ! Even if he confesses to hesitate between him and Jake Gyllenhal. Happily coincidental, these two actors were in the dream cast that we would like to see in the movie Uncharted , but in somewhat different roles. Tom Holland revealed his preferences during a Facebook Live in the form of Q & A with the site Yahoo! ” I think Jake Gyllenhal would be pretty cool, but I actually went to Jurassic World 2, which is made by one of my friends, and with Chris Pratt, who is in the cast of movie, We have become good friends for a few months. I think he would be great in the role of Sully. I think it would be really cool. Because I think if the movie happened a little later, I’d say Chris Pratt could play Nathan. But I think he would be really cool in Sully and I love working with Chris . “.
That’s what it says! As the two actors will have the opportunity to meet on the set of The Avengers: Infinity War , they will actually have time to forge more links. By the time Chris Pratt becomes Sully … Since Uncharted is still more in the project stage, it will take some time before knowing what intrigue it will tell and … what characters will appear there then ! What do you think ?