Under The Same Roof: Adele Castillon “YouTube helped me to gain confidence,” our interview!

Cinema 19 April, 2017

After YouTube, Adele Castillon is preparing to conquer the cinema with Under The Same Roof, by Dominique Farrugia. Discover our excluded interview!
Adele Castillon , you know? This is the new French personality to follow! Many are already familiar with her most hilarious YouTube videos, which have earned her the Coming Soon Award at the Melty Future Awards 2017 . But this year, it is on the big screen that it tackles with the film Sous Le Same Toit , by Dominique Farrugia, from today to the cinema! She plays Violette, a young girl whose parents, played by Louise Bourgoin and Gilles Lellouche, decide to divorce because they can not stand. Yes, but here they are, nevertheless, obliged to cohabit. And then one might think that they would act like adults, for that is what they are, they will behave like real kids, where all the blows are allowed. In short, hell for Violette and her younger brother, Lucas. On the occasion of the release of the film in our dark rooms, we had the chance to interview Adèle Castillon, who here sign his first role in the cinema. A very successful first role and his experience of YouTubeuse is not for nothing!
In Sous Le Same Toit, we tell you, Adele Castillon is obliged to live with her two parents divorced and totally unbearable . Not really the roommate dream, what. So, to melty, we had fun asking him about his ideal roommate. Already, notice to all the radins, go your way, because Adele is very greedy and can not stand those who do not share their food! Especially if it’s to watch Game of Thrones together, which is clearly his favorite series. We also asked her which superheroes and super heroines she would prefer to share her roommate: Superman or Spider-Man, Black Widow or Wonder Woman? We let you discover his answer in our interview above! And you, what do you think of Adèle Castillon?