Underworld 5: Theo James (David) explains the evolution of his character

Cinema 7 January, 2017

Theo James, who plays David in the saga Underworld, has returned to the evolution of his character on the occasion of the release of the fifth installment!
Underworld 5 could well be the final chapter of the existing exemption for many years. And for good reason: Selene Lycans and Vampires will face in a fight that will prove more deadly . For the occasion, Theo James will resume his role of David, a hybrite half Vampire and Human like Selene but also the progeny of the latter. The character first appeared in the fourth chapter, Underworld: Awakening , and the release of Underworld 5, including Lara Pulver (Sherlock) has joined the cast , his interpreter returned to its evolution to ScreenRant. “David has a new wardrobe” has said the actor, before continuing , “He also has a Porsche, which amuses me. Before, he was rather young and naïve. Now, it is rather wise and a little older ” .
Screen Rant then spoke with Theo James David back in sixth episode after Underworld 5, which Selena won new powers in an unpublished trailer “I sincerely believe that the story of David worked. The goal is to Add a plethora of new characters and then develop their stories, I think that was the case for Selene (Kate Beckinsale), who has had a fairly strong narrative evolution. another to be in the spotlight . ” With this statement, Theo James seems rather clear: he too wants David to know his own adventure in the universe of Underworld! What do you think of this interview?