Valentine’s Day is over, like the story of those couples that had been forgotten

Cinema 15 February, 2017

Yesterday, all lovers celebrated their reciprocal feelings. Hopefully they are endless. What did not was the case of these couples, sometimes surprising.
Shia LaBeouf and Rihanna
We are not going to hide it, it must be far from a love story. According to their own statements, they are seen only once or twice , without really being able to explain it or give specific memories.
Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong
And yeah, the affair had not gone away. In 2007, the young actress was caught red-handed in the early morning , at the exit of a hotel, with the American cyclist. It was the latter who put an end to the story under the pressure of his relatives (for his career) and his doctor (for his treatment).
Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes
The two comedians spun the perfect love for some time. They got on well, their story had stood up from the beginning when she was shooting She’s the Man . And then, well, they were not finally made for each other. Channing Tatum has rebounded well, now father.
Leonardi Di Caprio and Blake Lively
The bad tongues will say: “One more for Leo!” This was a relationship in which he had invested. For a while, the two walked together with the eyes of everyone , in Cannes and then on trips to Europe. Until the day was over. Then Leo began to check the strengths of Victoria’s secret models, while Blake landed with Ryan Reynolds.
Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson
We have seen it necessarily with Zac Efron, today, since time. But she, like everyone else, had other conquests before. Notably his partner in the film “Journey to the center of the earth 2: the mysterious island”, Josh Hutcherson. They interpreted a couple on the screen, and became one behind the screen. Classic . But it does not last. Apparently still good friends, one wonders if Josh would not have big yet on the potato seen his missed joke: “She had broken my heart … No I laugh, it was a long time ago, we are buddies .”
Tom Cruise and Cher
Surprised, huh? And once is not customary, it is the woman who had hand on a youngster. Sixteen years apart and an imperishable memory for the singer , who confided that the actor had been an extraordinary lover. At the time, in 1987, Tom Cruise’s career was not yet at its peak. And his religious side, less known. What was not to be easy besides with Cher, a little in his world and away from all that. Which couple surprises you the most?