Vampires and cults of lost Generation will return alive and well in the tv series

Cinema 24 January, 2019






In the 80s, hollywood movies understands that teenagers are the new Eldorado to become rich at a lower cost. So, a big part of blockbusters for them. In fact, it has not changed too much since then.

And it is true that for the adults we have become, the 80’s at the cinema, it was a little fête du slip. We had the right to everything : adventure, fantasy, science-fiction, action and even horror. And most importantly, we had bands-the original fire of god, which still accompany us today.

As in most, the adults of the time did not understand too much what was happening, they were not as vigilant and stuck that what we have become. And it has enabled us to look at stuff that we could not get out in the state today, especially to the same audience.


The danger from the young


As the lost Generation, for example, the movie vampires by Joel Schumacher was released in 1988 and helped to make Kiefer Sutherland famous. A film of blood-sucking clearly pop, damn moralistic but with a great atmosphere with his creatures in leather and a motorcycle, living in a cliff. A film that has so much stock that he was entitled to two suites DTV not necessarily at the level (even if the latter still looks pretty good.)

There is a little more than two years, we had talked about the project of the CW to adapt ‘Lost Generation’ tv series, but as we had had no news since, it was said that they had abandoned. Monumental mistake, because we learn by the site Deadline that the series is still in the project. Same as the CW has just ordered the first season, without even going through the box pilot episode.


We expect firm footing the new brothers Frog


“The CW had originally developed a draft adaptation series of the cult film the Lost Generation. Rob Thomas wrote in 2016-2017, but the project never got to the stage of the pilot. The chain was yet really to do so and has therefore sought to continue its development. As Rob Thomas was busy with his reboot of Veronica Mars for Hulu, a new script was written by Heather Mitchell (Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy), and it has convinced all the world. As a result, the series is in development.”

And, to make things right, we even already entitled to a small synopsis of what we can expect. Synopsis which is, basically, does not differ too much from the original movie :


Cry Little Sister ! Thou shalt not fall


“Welcome to the side of sunny Santa Carla, home of a magnificent esplanade, with all the goodies that you can imagine… and a subterranean world populated by vampires.

After the sudden death of their father, two teens move with their mother to Santa Carla, in the hope of starting from scratch in the city where she grew up. But the two brothers are caught up deeper and deeper in the world attractive of the living dead the beautiful and eternally young.”

Yeah, two-three crap almost, it is as before.