Venom: We know who will be Spider-Man’s spin-off villain

Cinema 22 June, 2017

Venom will of course have to face an opponent in his own spin-off. And, surprise, we already know the identity of the latter! And no, it’s not Spidey …
To bad, evil and half, of course. We saw it with Suicide Squad , in which the group of super villains faced an even more violent and destructive opponent than the sum of its united members. Because it is not because we are a villain that our opponents are necessarily superheroes in lycra multicolored! And we’ll have the opportunity to check again with Venom, Spider-Man’s spin-off with Tom Hardy , which was recently announced by Sony studios. As Spidey’s opponent, who is now partly with Marvel, who could Eddie Brock face in his own solo film? Because so much we like to see the bad guys just play the bad guys, It must be admitted that they are truly interesting only when they are measured against someone to their measure. So , we could summarize the question in these terms: to what other villain will the enemy of Spidey meet ? Melty can already provide you with an answer to this question.
Know that Venom will not be the only symbiote of the film. No, because his opponent will apparently be none other than … Carnage , the psychotic and violent offspring of Venom himself! If you’re a bit of a spider-man, you know that Eddie Brock once shared the cell of the serial killer Cletus Kasady and that the Venom symbiote eventually infected. And by thus transforming into a real machine to kill. For if Venom hates Spidey but avoids killing innocent people, Carnage does not feel this kind of scruple. And it is therefore normal that it represents the first opponent of Eddie Brock in his film solo. Or at least that’s what The Hollywood Reporter claims , who had the opportunity to speak with Tom Rothman, the president of Sony, About future plans that Sony is feeding for its Spiderverse. Because yes, it is indeed a Spiderverse that the studios seem to intend to create, which also justifies the fact that Venom will apparently not be part of the MCU . Anyway, Carnage will certainly represent an enemy at the height of Eddie Brock and the conflict between the two opponents is likely to be violent! What do you think ?