Vikings saison 4: Episode 20 a leaké, discover all the details of the Season Finale

Cinema 23 January, 2017

Episode 20 of Season 4 of Vikings has leaked! With more than a week of its diffusion, discover all the details of this Season Finale exceptional … Attention, spoilers.
This article contains many spoilers . Wednesday evening, History broadcast episode 19 of season 4 Vikings ! But apparently the crafty have already managed to get the final episode of the fourth season. Yes, more than one week of its official release, we already know what will happen in episode 20 of season 4 of Vikings . If you do not want to spoil your enjoyment and feel able to wait until February 1st, this is your last chance to leave this article immediately. You are still here ? Ok, we warned you! Discover now the outline of this episode of ill … Yes, of ill.
The Victorious Vikings
Bjorn and his brothers ended up crushing the army of Prince Aethelwulf. But until when ?
The attack on Wessex
The Vikings army continues its progression and sets fire and blood Wessex. Bjorn spared King Ecbert.
Helga gets stabbed by Tanaruz
The young child whom Floki’s wife had gathered after the Mediterranean invasions eventually stabbed her before committing death. One of the most difficult scenes of this Season Finale.
Ecbert dies
Between the death of Ragnar, that of Aelle and his defeat against the Vikings, Ecbert does not recover. The king commits suicide by opening his veins.
Ivar kills Sigurd
Many tensions between the Lothbrok brothers in this Season Finale. It was expected and the blonde had already passed very near death by provoking his brother. He will not survive this season 4 (unless he is recovering from this blow of the ax) … and he is not the only one.
A newcomer
The season ends with the introduction of the character of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. It feels vengeance … and the ass!
Yes, we told you, this Season Finale will send heavy. If you want to find the full episode 20 of season 4 of Vikings , they let you search the Internets …