Vikings season 4: Bjorn or Ivar, who will be the worthy successor of SPOILER?

Cinema 12 January, 2017

Among the five sons of Ragnar, two out of the lot. Bjorn the son of Lagertha and Ivar the cursed child of Aslaug star in this season 4 of Vikings. But which of the two is destined to become the hero of the series?

This article will cover the continuation of the season 4 of Vikings but also the season 5 to come taking into account the events of the last episodes so do not read the rest if you are not up to date. So if you are still there, you are not without knowing that the great, what I say the immense Ragnar Lothbrok bid farewell to the series at the end of episode 15 of the current season. Besides naturally one wonders if season 4 Vikings can survive his death , he was so important. On this point, the solution necessarily pass through the birth of a character that has the potential to be as charismatic as Ragnar . And to do this, it is indeed on his sons’ side that we must turn. There are five of them, but only two of them are really in the show of History. We’re talking about Bjorn Ironside and Ivar Le Decosse.
Bjorn, we know him well. Present since the beginning of the series (he was a child during season 1), he is the son of Ragnar and Lagertha, as much as blood warrior flows in his veins. It gained considerable importance during Season 4 after the 10-year ellipse, becoming a highly respected Viking in Kattegat and by his half-brothers. His expedition to the Mediterranean Sea made him the Viking who traveled furthest from his lands. Some see him as a worthy heir to Ragnar, but being much asked his father while remaining a tactician . And based on the historical facts of Bjorn Ironside, which the series tries to respect, one can clearly imagine seeing it become even more important in the rest of the series.
As far as Ivar is concerned, we are dealing with a very different personality from his elder. He is still young, but he is already enormously detached from his brothers by his impulsive temperament and his murderous instinct. But his stay with his father in England showed us that he was of great intelligence. Ragnar himself has also identified the great potential of his son, despite his disability . After his death, Ivar continued to assert and is expected to surprise us with the views of the promotional photos of episode 17 of season 4 Vikings . We are very attached to Ivar, and it is not for nothing that the writers put it forward. Historically, Ivar the Boneless, like Bjorn, is doomed to accomplish great things for the Viking people. Difficult therefore to say which of Bjorn or Ivar will succeed Ragnar so much the two men seem to have taken a part of his character. For now, and even in season 5, we imagine the two men as the new heroes of the series, each in a very different register. According to you, who deserves to succeed Ragnar?