Vikings season 4: Death of SPOILER, can the series survive?

Cinema 30 December, 2016

Difficult to recover and imagine the future without SPOILER in this season 4! Has Vikings just signed her death warrant?

This article logically contains spoilers on Season 4 of Vikings. You have been warned … We suspected we had prepared and yet still it stings! Wednesday evening, History aired episode 15 of season 4 of Vikings and we proved once more that it has in the pants. As we feared, and after a majestic course, Ragnar Lothbrok had to face his destiny . According to Histoire de près, the series staged his death in the serpent pit of King Aelle. A conclusion worthy of the name for a character oh mythical. It was beautiful, it put us chills (limits the tear) and it is almost difficult to blame the screenwriters for killing their hero. But then we must face the facts, Ragnar Lothbrok is more and one wonders how the Vikings will survive the death of its essence … is she the series to make a big mistake?
Difficult to reproach the series to follow the History, that is precisely what makes its strength since its beginnings in 2013. But one would be tempted to think that to say goodbye to Ragnar could cost him very dear. A daring bet that the show should nevertheless take up brilliantly. Since the return of season 4 on November 30, it is clear that the Vikings did everything to make us love – or hate – the grown up kids Ragnar. Will Bjorn, Ivar, Ubbe, Sigurd and Hvitserk be worthy successors? If we are to believe the story, they are likely to surpass the deeds of their dear papa. So on this side, no breakdown of inspiration coming to the writers! And this is rather good news for all those who today question the future of Vikings .
Side intrigue therefore, RAS, but what about the cast? After Aslaug and Ragnar, another central character could pass the weapon to the left. Yes, too busy on the set of the TV adaptation Taken , Clive Standen (Rollo) surely will not be present for season 5 of Vikings . It starts to make a lot of cast level losses! And again, the show has thought of everything with the arrival of Mister Jonathan Rhys Meyers ! Accustomed to historical epics (Cuckoo The Tudors !), The actor should bring all its madness and charisma to the series. Moreover, we are still not sure of the role he will play in season 5 … So many mysteries, it necessarily hides something great!

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