Vikings season 4: Deaths of SPOILERS, new character and end of the series, the creator says it all!

Cinema 5 February, 2017

Michael Hirst, the creator of Vikings, tells us more about the deaths of SPOILERS, about the new character and about the end of the series!
He says it all! While the promotion of Vikings’ season 5 begins and we are telling the 5 things to remember from the first video promo, Michael Hirst has made many revelations about the sequel in several interviews! First of all, there are many who wonder about the intrigues involving Rollo and Floki. Did the characters come to the end of their adventures? “No, no, they did not leave at all, they will be back, absolutely!” The good news is that the story of Rollo ended without any great brilliance. Other characters will not return like Helga, embodied by Maude Hirst, the creator’s own daughter. Michael Hist is particularly income on when it was announced that her character would die: “It was pretty exciting to talk to his death Maudie This is not an easy thing to do as it was the end.. Correct and inevitable of the plot, but it was not easy.This is Vikings, so you know that many people will die.This is often difficult to deal with the death of major characters anyway. Was quite traumatic to portray Ragnar ‘s death, but it’ s different when it comes to my own daughters, so we survive and die, but I have to be as objective as I can be. was the end of a scenario where I took this character as far as possible. as a father, writer and producer, I had to make the right decision ” .
This death will certainly serious consequences for the character of Floki and it tells us a bit more: “It will definitely travel, as alluded He says his life is over, or that the life he has. He has lost all three people he has loved most in life: his daughter, Ragnar and his wife, and he will submit to the will of the gods, and we know that he is a pagan fundamentalist. Has finished the life he has lived in. He will submit to the gods and if it is the will of the gods that he will die, he will accept it, of course. He will also submit if they have a purpose for him, if his destiny is to do something else. Basically, he will build a small boat for himself and let him sail to the unknown, before discovering what it means I spoke with my historical advisor, Justin Pollard, and asked him what he thought, and he told me it was not stupid because at that time many Christian missionaries were doing the same thing . Of themselves, they boarded small boats, believing they were guided by the will of God. They crossed the oceans, I guess many of them died, but some of them have landed in extraordinary places around the world. And so it was not such a crazy idea after all ” .
Michael Hirst also returns on the controversial death without historical accuracy, Sigurd: . “Obviously, this is not a documentary, I’m not saying it happened, we know that many of Ragnar son perished in various ways Thus, as a writer, I feel free to consider their ends in different ways and still be realistic.The main point is to be plausible, realistic and truthful, not to be We can not be accurate because we do not know, so Ivar killing his brother just seemed something Ivar would do. “Ivar is quickly becoming one of the major forces in the series Alex Hogh is a wonderful actor; character is amazing because you never know what he’ll do next. And that’s what I wanted to show is that with Ivar you will never know what he will do next ” . So is Ivar completely unpredictable or does he know what he’s going to do next? “He’s in conflict, we should all have a lot of sympathy for Ivar because it’s the way he grew up, he’s disabled and he’s been disadvantaged, I do not want the public to ever disagree with Ivar He is an extreme, almost bipolar person, so he gets angry and defends himself, he was disadvantaged so he had to try hard to be equal to his brothers and it made him aggressive in some Situations, his brother can push him too far and Ivar has no moral control, he does not know when it is appropriate to stop or when it is appropriate not to do anything.He did that when he was a kid If you remember, he killed a boy because he was frustrated and angry, the same Ivar, and as a writer he is exactly the kind of character you want to write, as a writer, you do not necessarily know what he will do next ” .
Next season we will see Ivar confront Heahmund , Michael Hirst says their relationship: .. “He and Ivar have a very complicated and interesting relationship Heahmund is a real person, there was what was called a warrior bishop C ‘ Is a new interesting character as someone who could stand up to the Vikings, it was wonderful when we chose Johnny to play this role because these guys are strangers. Templars, they were completely mad, Johnny is the forerunner of this, people fighting a holy war against the pagans, we have just introduced this character who is a devout and Catholic Christian but also passionate. very confrontational, passionate, a confident. it leads the first in a conflict and then into a deeper relationship with Ivar. it’s an extraordinary relationship that develops ” . Another central point of season 5 will Kattegat: “Kattegat is a very attractive trading station for other Vikings and other kings and so it will remain at the heart of the series Construction began at the bottom of the studio in Ireland with three. The real Kattegat has grown and will always be threatened, and the sons of Ragnar will always fight for it because it is the true spiritual home of their family. king or queen has a huge share of the legacy and spirit of Ragnar. in season five, people are still fighting for it. It’s still an important place for us ” .
Finally, he came back on the changes made as each season now has 20 episodes instead of usual 10: “This is a new challenge for me the first time we filmed during the winter and although the. Ireland has a temperate climate, it is cold and it is raining Ragnar’s death has been turned into the worst conditions I’ve ever seen on a shoot: making 20 rather than 10 puts enormous pressure on me sometimes because I work with three Different directors on six or eight different scripts simultaneously, we all feel that the series is getting bigger and better, we are now the ninth world series and the audience is growing. feel defeated by the challenge of making all those extra episodes, it is a fact privilege ” . However, the end is prepared as he reveals: “I know the end of the series I was in New York last week and I unveiled the end of the series History MGM and I think we can.. move forward with confidence towards the end of the series I always imagined, and that will be a huge surprise ” . So will season 5 be the last? “No. All I can say for now is that we’re filming season five, but we certainly have a sixth season” . We can hope for another 40 episodes! Lately, we dévoilions you when Season 5 will air the Vikings! What do you think of the creator’s comments?