Vikings season 4: Episode 14, the death of SPOILER, our critic!

Cinema 22 December, 2016

Last night, History was broadcasting Episode 14 of Season 4 of Vikings, which led to the death of SPOILER! Here’s our review!
God save the Queen! After episode 13 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we offered you our critique , we knew that things go wrong in Kattegat and we did not deceived. Indeed, in the last episode aired by History , Aslaug accepted the surrender and offered a powerful speech, which we (almost) endeared the character. She created stupor by announcing to all the deaths of Ragnar and Ivar, but demonstrated that her role as a mother was more important than anything. She thinks of the survival of her sons and thus shows a new facet of her personality. However, Lagertha’s victory was not enough for him and chose to kill his enemy forever by striking him with an arrow in the back. At Aslaug’s smile we know she was prepared for it, but the gesture is cowardly, cruelly lacking the honor that characterizes the warriors and shows us that Lagertha has become embittered, ruling and unforgiving. So moving away dangerously from the warlike heroine that we so much love. We can salute the talent of writers to get us to dislike Lagertha and appreciate Aslaug.
Now we have reason to fear for the life of Bjorn’s mother. Assuredly Ubbe and Sigurd will not leave the murder of their mother unpunished, even if Astrid warns them and threatens them with death, with delight. Aslaug is no more, but as a witch, we wonder if it has not cursed Lagertha and that vengeance will not pass by his son . The opposite route seems to be taking place for the adventure of Ragnar and Ivar. Arrived at the door of the Kingdom of Wessex, Ragnar is beaten savagely before the eyes of his son, he is then caged and separated from Ivar. But it is from this moment that the episode is exciting. Egbert exchanges between Ragnar and his powerful and the game played between them is captivating . Ragnar shows little by little that he has not changed, that he is not weak and that he has a well-established strategy in mind. We will also note his denial of paternity, quite cruel, with Magnus and we wonder what fate the boy now awaits! We should hear about it soon!
The discussion on religions and gods, with a very good mastery, led Ragnar to ask Ecbert to hand him over to King Aelle and thus his strategy was unveiled. Aelle always hated Ragnar and was never his equal, just like Ecbert. If Ecbert leaves Ivar free, Ragnar will tell him to return with a message: King Aelle is to blame, leaving the king alone, away from a new war, which would benefit him. We have here a reflection of the offer by Aslaug to Lagertha: “I will tell my son to leave you alone!” Ragnar goes to his death with talent and conscience and Ivar will live an intense journey back to Kattegat. The whole is beautiful, exciting, moving! Recently, Alex Hogh teasait future Ivar in season 4 of Vikings and it looks bloody! What did you think of this episode?