Vikings season 4: Episode 20, what will happen in the Season Finale?

Cinema 31 January, 2017

The Season Final of season 4 of Vikings is tomorrow night. So, what’s going to happen in episode 20?
Hardly found, it is already time to say goodbye to the series! After a second of totally outstanding season 4 Vikings will bow – temporary – tomorrow night on History . One thing is certain, the show leaves us no respite and after this round of episodes each more successful than each other, it is expected a Season Finale of goofy . Last week, our Vikings once again were victorious on English land and it is time to finish the taf … But then, what will happen in episode 20 of season 4 Vikings ? Who will not survive the final battle? We take stock.
A Wessex, Prince Aethelwulf try the all out against our heroes but should again be overwhelmed by the firepower of the army Bjorn. As for his father, this Season Finale should sound the end of his reign (and his life?). Then, will he be executed like Aelle? Will he find a way to escape the revenge of Ragnar Lothbrok? Nothing is less sure.
This Season Finale will be the scene of enormous tension within the Lothbrok sibship. As we have seen, the sons of Ragnar rarely agree and between Ivar and Bjorn, nothing goes. Who will be the true heir and will lead the Viking army to victory? Would all these embarrassments endanger their troops? One thing is certain it is doubtful that the whole clan Lothbrok survive this final episode . So who will still be alive for Season 5? Bets are launched!
After killing many characters in this end of season 4, it is time to present one was expected for a long time … the bishop Heahmund, played by Mr. Rhys Jonatha Meyres ! Yes, after The Tudors , it’s time to meet the actor in a new historical epic mixing sex and violence led by Michael Hirst. He should not feel too disoriented! Heahmund will be a central character of Season 5 and will become a major opponent for Ivar. Want to find out? See you tomorrow night for episode 20 of season 4 of Vikings .