Vikings season 4: The creator and SPOILER return to the terrible death of episode 15!

Cinema 30 December, 2016

Following episode 15 of season 4 of Vikings, the creator of the series and SPOILER return to the terrible death that we witnessed!

He is not anymore ! As we told you in our review of episode 15 of season 4 Vikings Ragnar died, embracing destiny that historical accounts attribute to it. Following this, Travis Fimmel, who plays the king Vikings says: “Ragnar was so ready to die and was happy to die there, he feels that his plan worked and that his children will come for revenge and. revenge of Egbert ” . Michael Hirst, creator, adds: “The relationship between Ragnar and Egbert is suddenly so intense that we decided they had to leave when we arrived in Ragnar’s death was even more intense because so many things. I had been living with Ragnar for years and the most wonderful thing was that we filmed it in the deepest winter when the trees were leafless and everything was dark. The episode was almost entirely black and white, it was dark, it was brutal, it was truthful, it was extraordinary and it was powerful, it was very difficult to film because of the weather, but ‘was also difficult because we lost someone who was at the heart of the show ” .
Michael Hirst also returned on the development of this last episode for Ragnar. He explains: “The episodes 414 and 415 are part of the same episode Fourteen this is heavy stuff between Ragnar and Egbert and the cage …. It was so exciting and different from anything we’ve ever done before C.. It is very personal and universal.The series ceases to be on the Vikings and the Saxons and begins to be about man and human beings, about their deepest fears and thoughts.That was very difficult to write. had very strong ideas about his own death and how it should be treated, and of course it was very, very moving for me ” . Travis Fimmel also delivered his amusing impression of the Turning with snakes: “It was not really hard to work with them there were about 60, and then there were fake around my legs.. I did not care at all, I was covered in snake poop at the end, I was bitten a few times, but it was very good – it was their dung on me that bothered me more than all”.
The two men also shared the conversations they had on the passing of Ragnar. Michael Hirst said: “Up to a point, Travis played the Australian map, that is to say, he did not say anything about the things He just wanted to make the death of Ragnar and bow.. But the closer we got to the moment of filming his death, the more obsessive, interested and passionate he became about it. Suddenly it became an intense and emotional experience to sit down with him to discuss his death as You can imagine: what he meant, what he did not mean, there were things I needed, but he was not sure he did not want his character to Speech, so his last speech was something we had to negotiate and debate, and he talked with Linus Roache (Ecbert) because he wanted to say some things, but Travis wanted to cut them off or whatever, we three often locked ourselves In a room, discussing really the end of a character whose death touched us at all levels. It was an amazing period ” Travis Fimmel adds. ” Michael has always been very collaborative, and I tried to get scenes with Linus Roache for years. We always collaborate on everything, it is very good at it. It’s incredible as an actor to have a creator like him. He is so ready to take your ideas and work with you “.
One question that many fans are asking is whether Ragnar died as an atheist, or whether he changed in his last moments. The actor replied … “Ragnar did not think he would go to heaven or Valhalla He would rot underground He did what he wanted to do in his life, but it was his only life After that he was happy, ready to die and he left a legacy. Whether good or bad, people will remember him ” . The creator says more: “When Ragnar and Egbert discuss their faiths and some level of how all faith is ridiculous, it’s very liberating for them and for the public It suddenly becomes a very modern Conversation These are.. Not medieval talks about Christianity and paganism, it could be modern people talking about whether you should believe in God or not.In the series, Ragnar became less and less convinced by his pagan religion, partly because of The influence of Athelstan and the fact that he embraced certain aspects of Christianity, Ragnar was an incredibly intelligent guy, he understands things, he was curious and always directed him. Religion, and other ways of thinking, so that he challenged his own belief. In the end, when he died, he no longer believed the same way as when he was younger. Thus, his last speech in the cage, before his death, is not a statement of his own belief, it is a political statement to encourage his sons to avenge his death. It sets the path of revenge and the future of the Vikings ” .
They also explained the interest of offering this death in the middle of this second part of the season. Travis Fimmel said: “Michael has always been great about it It’s not so predictable, with the leap in time, with characters who die That was just for the series episodes are following my death… fantastic. They work well for the show and the young actors to keep the public ” . Michael Hirst adds: “This is the saga of Ragnar and his son I did not suggest to the public that the death of Ragnar meant a huge breaking point in this saga It’s just part of the story… Ragnar’s sons will continue the saga, not the end of Ragnar Lothbrok, who will live in his fame and live because he was the most famous Viking of the time. I have never wanted this story to end when Ragnar dies physically.We turned about 25 more hours after Ragnar’s death, and we are far away in history.We really embrace the sons but Ragnar is not gone, because Ragnar is always inspiration ” . It remains to be seen whether Ragnar could reappear. Travis Rimmel, the answer is firm: “Yeah, no, I would not stay It makes no sense My character is an atheist, so I will not come under any form of ghost, the!.. religious ghostly images or anything. I think you must be very religious so that people have this belief in you ” . For his part, Michael Hirst is not so sure: “But because it is so powerful in people’s lives, it might reappear in dreams, in visions … I do not think one of my main characters … I started with Floki, Ragnar, Rollo Lagertha and … None of them will disappear completely from the saga ” . Already, discover what awaits you in episode 16 of season 4 of Vikings, with the first promo video! Would you like to see Ragnar again?