Vikings season 5: SPOILER on the set?

Cinema 2 June, 2017

SPOILER was seen on the set of season 5 of Vikings, only the character is supposed to have succumbed to the bites of snakes in the last season …
Do not get carried away, Ragnar does not live in the world of GOT , he does not intend to resurrect like our dear Jon Snow. However, the character of Ragnar was seen to our surprise, at the scene of the filming of the next season of Vikings whose release date is not known yet. What is certain is that the little band of Ragnar will soon be back on our screens because the season 5 of Vikings is in the box ! Michael Hirst, the show’s showrunner, said Ragnar would make a small appearance in the next season, yet everyone remembers his death among the snakes … So why would Ragnar be back in season 5?
It would seem that Rollo is nostalgic for the time spent with his brother. The actor posted this photo on his instagram this week: “Stone, leaf, scissors”!
The death of Ragnar has devastated us all, we could not imagine a sequel without him. But despite his death, his name still ranges throughout Scandinavia and England! After seeing Ragnar on the set, we all believed that it was possible that the character was actually not dead and that he had simulated his death (it would not have been the first time) … But no, we have confirmation that Ragnar is dead! The Vikings showrunner told us that Ragnar would still be part of season 5: The scene where Ragnar succumbs to snake bites had to be filmed again and will be staged again! Michael Hirst explained that the death of Ragnar was going to be revisited and Lagertha will surely witness it via a mystical vision or a dream.