Vikings season 5: Who will be the new enemies of our warriors?

Cinema 24 January, 2017

As the release of Season 4 of Vikings comes to an end, find out who will be the new enemies of our warriors in Season 5!
New heroes – new rivals! As we will discover this week episode 19 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we dévoilions the synopsis and promotional photos , there is no doubt that this is a new era that will provide us the season Next. Indeed, Ragnar is dead, Aelle is dead, Ecbert (and probably Aethelwulf) is about to die. In fact, the historical enemies of the series are no longer and for all that, our young warriors will not stop fighting to defend themselves, but also to extend their powers. So who will be the new enemies of Ivar, Bjorn, Ubbe, Hvitserk and Sigurd?
We can certainly count on Harald. As we saw in the promo video of the next episode, Egil will attack Kattegat on behalf of the great Earl. Because of the pact he sealed with Harald, we have every reason to believe he is acting on his behalf. The attack is so well orchestrated that it is difficult to believe that Lagertha will maintain his control and not be forced to flee with his own. In addition, based on historical accounts, Harald Finehair is expected soon to rule over the whole of Norway . A reign that will last for very long years. It is therefore very likely that his attack on Kattegat is bearing fruit and that he will become one of the enemies of our heroes in the next season.
Other enemies stand out for the sons of Ragnar and the first of them is undoubtedly Alfred. The latter should become the main rival of Ivar in the Wessex, eager to avenge the death of Ecbert. We could see a first intriguing interaction between them and we can already imagine that it will be two genius strategists who will compete in epic battles.
Another enemy that could arise is the young Magnus. This one could become a great threat in the next episodes. Many historical figures bear this name and all have reigned over Norway. We can well imagine returning eager to prove that he is also the son of Ragnar taking revenge on the Wessex and the Vikings for the insult that was done to him.
Other enemies might arise from France and the other countries bordering the Mediterranean, which our heroes are going to traverse. Also, while episode 20 of season 4 Vikings leaked and we dévoilions you all the details , we can expect that conflicts arise between the son of Ragnar in the coming episodes of History . Who will be the enemies of our heroes in season 5 of Vikings according to you?