Vinyl : Martin Scorsese back on the failure of his series HBO and think it could have been saved

Cinema 29 October, 2018






Tragic story that that of Vinyl, which has been cancelled in the pain in 2016 after only 10 episodes.

Vinyl it was a series at the colossal budget with more than 100 million dollars in his pocket. At the head of the production there were some big boys in the middle with Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger, Rich Cohen, or Terence Winter. The story told of the trials and tribulations of a music producer addicted to the rock and the coke in the Big Apple of the 1970s. Side cast included Bobby Cannavale in the lead role.

Unfortunately, after only 10 episodes of season 1 aired, the series was suddenly arrested and became one of the biggest flops of the chain HBO. A season 2 has been considered, without success, in particular because of the departure of its showrunner, Terence Winter for “disputes creative”.


Bobby Cannavale


For his part, Martin Scorcese has still not digested the abrupt ending of this series. Present at the international film Festival of Rome in order to receive a prize for her entire body of work, the director of Taxi Driver, The Goodfellas , Mean Streets or The Wolf of Wall Street is back on the destiny fateful of Vinyl :

“This was very tragic for me because we tried for a year. I realized the driver. We tried for a year with HBO, but we have not been able to bring together the creative elements. And then, I realized something that would have been able to remedy the situation…I think I would have had to produce each episode, and stay there for 3 or 4 years !”

To illustrate this, the filmmaker has taken the example of the series, The Young Pope, directed by Paolo Sorrentino, which was a resounding success :

“If you want to do well, he should do that, as Sorrentino. You do absolutely everything. If you don’t want to make that commitment you should not do the series !”


Juno Temple


This last little sentence is a perfect illustration of another failure : The Get Down. The project, while also humongous, which has not won the expected success and the series was quickly cancelled after its first season. Once again, Baz Luhrmann has set the tone at the driver in the making, and was very quickly dropped and the achievement of the following episodes. So far, Mindhunter , on the contrary, been a huge success, as David Fincher has directed four episodes out of ten. As to why the equation is not so simple.

To finish off with Martin Scorsese, the latter is currently in post-production of his latest film, The Irishman, worn by Robert De Niro and Al Pacino and funded by Netflix. The feature-length film should be out by 2019 on the streaming platform. Recently the director has also announced his next project, a feature film with Leonardo DiCaprio. A murder history which is expected to begin filming in early 2019.


“Haha it’s great to be realized now, but it was more of a series we”