Watchmen : the series HBO unveils images of a mysterious legion of police officers hidden

Cinema 23 November, 2018






Damon Lindelof has started the production of the series adaptation, HBO Watchmen and if you have very scarce information has been leaked about the plot of the series, the presence of mysterious characters has been confirmed.

Remember in 2009, the beautiful Watchmen – The Watchmen Zack Snyder came out in France. He planted his decoration in an American alternative 1985, where the Clock of the Apocalypse – a symbol of the tension between the United States and the soviet Union – indicates continuously at five minutes to midnight.

A legion of super-heroes that are now obsolete, led by Rorschach, investigating the murder of one of their own and discovered a very disturbing plot.


Rorschach the Great


The series HBO, scheduled for 2019, has not yet communicated its main plot, but it is already known that adaptation will adapt to not totally on the comics. If the atmosphere and the blackness of the work of Alan Moore will be met, Damon Lindelof said in an open letter that this will not in any case an adaptation direct :

“We have no desire to “adapt” the story that Moore and Gibbons have created 30 years ago… but they will be remixed (…) This story original is our old legacy. When a new legacy is created, it does not dismiss the former.”

The lack of images on social networks does not help to learn more but our curiosity is more than this. All the more that the account Instagram of the series was posted, lately, a series of dynamic images revealing masked police to the Rorschach… in yellow. What intrigue us even more.


Masks Save Lives. #WatchmenHBO

— Watchmen (@WatchmenFeed) November 21, 2018

“The Masks save lives “ – Watchmen


Hiding in plain sight. #WatchmenHBO

— Watchmen (@WatchmenFeed) November 23, 2018

“Hide in plain sight “ – Watchmen

The series HBO Watchmen will hit the screens current 2019 with a casting mouth-watering notably composed of Jeremy Irons, Regina King and Tim Blake Nelson. But in the meantime, Watchmen – The Watchmen is a jewel of a cinema, so don’t wait any longer to see if this is not already done !