We all want to go to the mountains, but nobody wants to live these galleys

Cinema 1 March, 2017

It’s cool the mountain. The fresh air, the view, the calm, the physical effort, the return to the nature … But it often leaves in spin indeed. Must think carefully before going.
To truly motivate you if you have not yet watched them, or if you have forgotten them, I do not balance the end. No spoil irremediable. I give the beginning, info, pitch, already a lot of things to tell the truth. Then I at least shut the end and who dies or does not die. That there be a minimum of interest in the mater even.
Rarely has the life of a mountain guide been so exciting. Because in addition to the risk inherent to his trade, there are added sacred emotional elk. You see Stallone, Gabe Walker, go to save a friend, Hal Tucker, and his girlfriend stuck on a peak. Alas, the girl dies during the rescue, so Gabe puts everything, full of guilt … Before returning to business, months later, when Hal is trying to save people. But it looks complicated, again …
——- 1 ——-
Adapted from a book by Jon Krakauer named Tragedy at Everest, the film turns out to be rather dramatic, you will have understood. After a climb tranquillou bilou (# so90s), two groups are confronted to one of the worst storms of snow of history . To survive, they will have to fight hard, we do not even imagine what it must be in real life … And there’s a lot of people: Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington …
——- 2 ——-
Vertical Limit
Everything was fine, it was a vacation set. Royce Garret had taken two friends and his two children climbing the desert of Utah. It disconnects, it laughs … too much. A friend makes the cunt, falls and carries the others, attached in a rope . The daron catches up with a piton and asks his son Peter to cut the rope, which he and his sister get out. Bitch of life, everything tilts in an instant. The beginning of the galley …
——- 3 ——-
the Revenant
If you always said that you loved long walks with snow to the knees, catching fish in the water currents, making a fire and living like a trapper, you are served. Hunting, fishing, nature and … bullying. Remembering the true story of Hugh Glass, it is clear that it is not all rosy like life . But you see crazy landscapes, you realize the galley of every moment and possible whiplashes to avoid. And then it’s still the film that finally brought an Oscar to Di Caprio.
——- 4 ——-
The gold Rush
A small silent film in black and white, a Chaplin. History to give you a varied choice and do not forget this classic. A prospector among many, Charlot searches for gold in the klondike, northwest of Canada . The tail is immense in the snowy mountain, until a storm drives him to find a refuge. The hut of Black Larsen, a tart who starts by sending him shit. Before support, Big Jim, only managed to convince him. Except that nothing will be simple: eating, finding a lode, seducing Georgia (the woman he falls in love with) … So, who do you first?