We got the pilot of The Walking Dead!

Cinema 14 June, 2017

The 8th season of The Walking Dead is still far away so what better than going back to the beginning to see a little bit the Rick & co’s progress.
It’s been a long time, 7 years already, so we help you a little bit to remember what’s going on in the very first episode of The Walking Dead, “Days Gone Bye.” And to set the tone, it is well with a zombie kid with bloodshot eyes that the series begins , to put Rick – and we – direct in the mood. Normal .
Hop, after this entry, we are immersed in a flashback with a smiling Shane ( yes we know, it is rare ) and a Rick without beard ( even rarer! ) Who speak chicks and macho jokes while eating fries. We knew how to have fun before in The Walking Dead but it’s more the same atmosphere 7 seasons and at least 10 main characters dead later !
But as we know, it will not last and the two BFFs end up in a chase that goes badly, especially for Rick.
And then comes one of the most beautiful grammatical prowess of the series: Do not Dead Open Inside – bin yes, maybe it would have been simpler to write it otherwise;) But the message is past and Rick quickly made decamp.
Rick then discovers all the dead bodies – at the time when the series still had the faith to make them fly around – lined up next to the hospital with a slightly horrified look but not too much. We do not know you but we if we emerged from a coma and it was literally the apocalypse, we would have probably cracked a little more than that … But hey, is not Rick Grimes who wants. The little freak out comes later, when he sees the first undead in his life … and he rides a red bike.
Fortunately, Morgan is there to teach him the tricks of the trade … after his son put him a good shovel in the face because he was well educated. Already paranoid, but that’s what makes her charm, right?
After a short drive to fill up with weapons – but no food because we can not do everything we should not mess up – Rick sets out for Atlanta to find his family while Morgan learns to shoot at his son because That division is strength, is well known.
An unsuccessful radio exchange later, we find on the other end of the line a part of the base group: Dale, Amy, Shane, Lori and Carl, all tiny mimi , installed in tents and camper. If they knew that in a few years, some would be installed in houses with oven and hot cookies (thanks Carol) …
Rick is playing cowbow to the end and continues to Atlanta on horseback. We already know that this is not a good idea, but it still gives us one of the most cult images of the series.
And it is with the soft voice of Glenn which treats Rick of moron locked up in a tank encircled of walkers that ends the episode. Phew, saved. Finally, almost … In the end, the very first episode of The Walking Dead pretty much aged, with zombies already impressive and a very nice rhythm. We even have the right to a small cliffhanger story to make the curious come back. We regret that more recent seasons have so few dialogues when we see that even with a small handful of characters, it does not fuss in the first episode. And you, what had you thought of the very first episode of The Walking Dead?