We rarely encode them, but the comic series is heavy

Cinema 23 May, 2017

We all know FRIENDS, but it is far from being the only comedy that is worth the detour!
No, on TV there are not only dramas or police series that repeat the same pattern until cancellation. Comedies are not what are missing and some of them are clearly worth the detour. Because a good comedy is not just a few jokes, laughs recorded and a development of characters almost non-existent. No , a good comedy is the one that knows how to make cry as well as it makes laugh and that has characters so endearing that one has the impression to find friends as soon as one begins an episode . Of course, there are too many to quote, but we offer you some of our favorites to which you can add yours in the comments!
The Office US
Initially Anglo-Saxon then declined to the American, The Office US is a true blow of heart for so many reasons that it would take too many lines to quote them all. So we hope that you trust us enough to believe us when we say that this series on a company that sells paper with an embarrassing boss at its best is one of the best comedies that we have ever seen .
This is Netflix which offers one of the best comedies of the small screen created and produced by Tina Fey, if it is not already a guarantee of quality … Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has an original pitch – Kimmy return to normal life in New York After 15 years imprisoned in a bunker – which seduces quickly but especially a cast 5 stars and jokes as funny as relevant. As in her other 30 Rock series , Tina Fey uses the political and cultural world as a bottomless reserve for well-founded jokes that always make you laugh after seeing the episodes 4 times, fan word.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Unlike her sexist title, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a condensed feminism and good humor, all linked by incredible songs that remain in mind whether we like it or not. The heroine Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom, also co-creator of the series) puts everything to go to live in California and find his love of youth with the hope of regaining it . This relatively ordinary pitch is relieved by the solar personality of Rebecca and all the characters who cross her path. All episodes have their little dose of madness and truth about the world around us, all told in music. What to combine useful and very pleasant laughing a good shot!
Attention, sensitive ears refrain. By following the (political) adventures of Vice President Selina Meyer, Veep gives us the opportunity to realize how politics can sometimes be absurd. But most of all, it’s THE series to hear the best parts of the whole screen . The flourishing and inventive language of all the characters – but especially Selina – gives us incredible burns, unpublished and often very imagined. What to congratulate the screenwriters who write the dialogues and ask what would happen if Selina was as talented in politics as in comeback …
We end our small list by the masterpiece that is Community . By bringing together a group of friendly and engaging students who are studying together at Greendale, Community could look like any set of teenagers. Except that it’s just the reverse: with its students of all ages, its colorful characters – especially the Dean – and its incredible intrigues, Community is a bit the mindblowing series that surprises each episode and up ‘In the last season .
As has already been said, it is impossible to cite all the comedies that are worth the detour. We have not forgotten the cultist Seinfeld , the excellent Master of None , Parks and Recreation, That 70’s Show, Black-ish, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and more and better. Whatever it is proves that one always needs to laugh, and fortunately that the series are there for that. And you, what are your favorite comedies?