Westworld, Arrow, 13 Reasons Why, Lucifer: Outsiders not to be underestimated!

Cinema 20 June, 2017

While the 2017 World Cup was launched on melty, some outsiders could well win the coveted title!
What if they won the title? Yes, the meltynauts, while the 2017 World Cup has just been launched , we all have our favorite. If you hope that your favorite show wins the competition, you also know that some series are so beloved that they should, whatever happens, be part of the final bunch. But other productions could surprise us and get on the podium . So back on all these outsiders not to underestimate!
It’s the series that made the effect of a bomb on HBO. Surprising, well written, deep and well-knit, Westworld has won the public’s favor in no time. Unfortunately, there will be a long wait before new episodes are released, and fans may be keen to vote for series that have already proved themselves over several seasons. But with such potential and a community of followers capable of struggling, one might be surprised .
Oliver Queen has been fighting the bad guys for five seasons on the CW . A beautiful record that gives him a place of choice in the hearts of fans. However, many agree that intrigues are running out of steam and that suspense is no longer what it used to be . Still, it would be crazy to take the series lightly as it is supported by an unconditional fanbase and which could well allow him to win the victory!
13 Reasons Why
The series produced by Selena Gomez literally upset all the viewers who took the trouble to watch it. Moving, sometimes trash, sometimes touching, 13 Reasons Why convinced and it was also renewed for a second season . If it has not been a long time since she arrived on Netflix, it should not underestimate the impact it had on the fans and it is with flying colors that she could win the competition.
The sexiest devil in Los Angeles has more than one trick in his bag. Between complex and terribly endearing characters and original intrigues, Lucifer quickly became a hit on FOX. Far from matching The Vampire Diaries or Teen Wolf, something tells us that it might surprise us and win the victory completely unexpectedly. Will Tom Ellis have a chance to lift his trophy?
This is the last of Freeform. Based on the novels of Cassandra Clare, Shadowhunters has seduced many fans since its launch . If it was still unknown last year, this vintage 2017 could enable him to win the victory provided the fans of the series fight like beautiful devils to help him. While waiting to know if any of these series will create surprise, do not forget to vote every day so that your darling wins the competition on melty. What outsider do you want to defend?