Westworld season 2: What we want to see in the next episodes

Cinema 3 January, 2017

Until 2018, Westworld continues to obsess us! What are the intrigues you really want to see in Season 2?

Not easy to recover from the season 1 of Westworld ! It was a long time ago that a series had not made us such an effect. Unfortunately, to find the new episodes of this small nugget, one must take his trouble patiently. It is indeed in 2018 that will return for its season 2 Westworld . Meanwhile, many questions and other theories trotted in our little heads and our expectations for the next episodes are quite HUGE one must admit. Hoping that the show HBO (released in France on OCS ) to live up to his return, that the intrigue that we absolutely want to find in the second chapter of Westworld …
The revolution in several parks … and outside?
We know this new season Westworld looks totally chaotic and bloody. As the tease the different members of the show team, finished playing, the serious things finally start. Robots are not going to stop there and the human team should take very very expensive . At the head of this revolution, Dolores should still surprise us … and she is not the only one! Will we finally discover the outside world (which, according to our latest information is in 2052)? What is certain is that of new parks will be introduced as Samurai World we discovered in the Season Finale. The universe Westworld will therefore greatly widen (it will still be expensive to HBO that!) And, to our delight! A bigger world, but what about time? Will there still be several timelines? Mystery…
The last round of Dr. Ford
Difficulty we still have to believe in the death of Ford … Already because it would really sucks not find Anthony Hopkins in Season 2, but because we want to believe that the co-creator of the park Had one last trick in his bag! Did he create a robot in his image to leave him the pleasure of taking a bullet in the head in his place? Will he be present in another form during the next episodes? One thing is certain, it is hoped that the legacy of Ford will be missed in this season 2 Westworld ! Maybe thanks to this good old Bernard?
William aka the Man in black aka the ally of the robots?
Now that the mystery of his identity has FINALLY been resolved and we already know that Ed Harris will be back in season 2 of Westworld , one wonders what will make our dear William. He was left in a dirty position in the final minutes of the season finale but like any naughty self-respecting gentleman is apparently released (free?)! What will be his next thrust? Which team will it join during this ambient chaos that promises? We’d love to see the side of the robots in the next episodes of Westworld , do not you?
After a season wanting to take control and leave the park that kept her prisoner, Maeve finally backed off in the final minutes of the Season Finale. A poignant and unexpected scene which proved once again that it is one of the pillars of the series. Revenue in the park for her daughter Maeve should make every effort to find her . Knowing her, those who will cross her way should spend a dirty quarter of an hour! How will she get her hand on her kid while the robot revolt is raging? As in the first season of Westworld , plot Maeve likely to be our favorite!
This is the downside of this first season. Accustomed to the roles of knight without substance , James Marsden has not really had to work his game to slip into the skin of Teddy, the beloved Dolores. If throughout the episodes we wondered what was really the interest of this character, the Season Finale made us see a new side of Teddy … Does it be exploited as it should be in season 2 of Westworld ? We hope so! What role will he play in robot revolt now that he seems detached from his precious Dolores? Answer in 2018!
Well, you’ll understand that we expect LOTS of Season 2 of Westworld (and it is clearly not the only ones)! Nolan and his fine team have all the cards and the time necessary to produce a second chapter as rich and intriguing as the season 1 … And you, what are you waiting for upcoming episodes?